Victoria Beckham ‘finally’ adds plus sizes after years of criticism


It’s a new era for Victoria Beckham, who has previously been criticized for using only “sick skinny” models.

Posh Spice, 48, released a new VB Bodysuit Because her eponymous fashion line is a larger size than her previous garments, the size now increases to 14 US.

“VB Body features our signature compact knit design to gently shape and contour the body,” writes Beckham Instagram, please note that the series is available in sizes XS to XXL. “This season, ubiquitous pieces have been updated, including scalloped detailing, new square necklines and open-back bodysuits.”

curvy queen and ‘Body Front’ Model Shareefa J Mimicking the look that sold for a whopping $990, she wore an emerald green one-shoulder dress, a pink dress, and a white crop top and a matching skirt.

Fashionistas looking for a more inclusive sizing are ecstatic about the new addition to the luxury fashion label and applaud the former Spice Girls member for his new adventure.

“It’s damn time,” one person commented on Beckham’s Instagram post. “Finally Quinn! You listened to our feedback and used a curvaceous model for your event,” added another.

One fan chimed in: “Wow!!! Finally the VB models in various sizes, well done. Finally the models in different sizes!”

Beckham was criticized during an eyewear ad campaign in 2018, when it was pointed out that the model looked “deadly skinny”. “This photo is why my already young daughter thinks she needs to eat less,” wrote one angry mum, while another chimed in: “”[I] Didn’t even notice the glasses. The model is the focal point. Skinny as hell! Beckham should be ashamed for advocating eating disorders. “

The ultra-skinny Beckham – who admitted in her 2001 autobiography that she struggled with an eating disorder – has been criticized in the past for using a “skeletal” model.

Other Beckham fans echoed their admiration for the dresses and how relieved they were to find a look that worked for their body type.

“As a bigger lady, I love this,” wrote one commenter. “It’s hard to be classy when your choice is a SHEIN or a tent for two, now I just need your 18 year old double zip detail dress and it’ll be fine!”

One commenter was delighted to see a model representing a real woman modeling the new collection.

Posh Spice’s latest collection adds size XXL.
Getty Images for BFC

“It’s nice to see real plus-size women wearing VB clothes, not size zeros.”

Beckham also seems to have changed her style.

a source told daily mail Beckham is “very proud of her new collection”.

“Victoria finally caught up,” they added. “There’s a whole new customer coming to buy her products, but let’s face it, it took her a while, but at least she’s changing things.”

Victoria Beckham  Victoria Beckham ‘finally’ adds plus sizes after years of criticism victoria beckham 85
“Finally Quinn! You listened to our feedback and used a curvaceous model for your event,” one user commented on Beckham’s post.
Getty Images by Bergdorf Goodmar

mother of four children tell Grazia Earlier this year, about women’s body shapes vary widely, and how the idea of ​​being too thin “Old-fashioned.”

“It’s an outdated attitude to want to be very thin,” she said. “I think women today want to look fit and curvy. They want some boobs — and a bum.”

She also pointed out to the magazine, “The more curvy you are, the better my VB Body dress looks.”

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