Video Ben Shapiro Is Trending On Twitter For Being Roasted By College Students

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Right now, right-wing political commentator Ben Shapiro is trending for less than ideal reasons: being made fun of by college students. Recently, Shapiro attended an event entitled “Men Cannot Be Women” that was hosted by a conservative youth group at the University of North Carolina in Greensboro. Although the majority in the group welcomed Shapiro with welcome arms, things went downhill after a student said that he was relying on old data in order to make his argument. For example, he says that “gender identity disorder” was located in the DSM-4, which has since been upgraded to the DSM-5. He then calls Shapiro a “bozo.”


As expected, many people booed the student asking a question, but the clip is circulating online as some found it embarrassing for Shapiro that he seemed unable to form an adequate response to the student’s original question. And, many found it odd that Shapiro frequents colleges to debate people quite younger than him. In the video, people cheer Shapiro after he asks the student, who said he was a mathematician and physicist, how he would know anything about “human biology.” But, as the student pointed out, some wondered if the same question would apply to Shapiro, who has a law degree.


Online, many found the clip hilarious, although some wanted to point toward the more serious things in the debate. One person wrote “Cannot think of a better thing than just calling Ben Shapiro a bozo and laughing. No amount of discussion in the world could be better than this.” Although Shapiro retweeted the video and saw the course of events differently than some on Twitter, many found the video overall to be a bit hard to watch.


Overall, although some Shapiro fans liked this type of video and enjoy watching Shapiro’s debates, many found it odd that he would repost a video where he is not only being made fun of, even if he felt as if he “won” the debate between the college student.

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