WATCH: Video De La Compañere ANDRA ESCAMILLA FILTRADO Leaked On Twitter, Reddit: The young lady who went viral in the year 2021, Andra Escamilla, is known by millions of individuals for her crying in the middle of the virtual class, where she asked one of her classmates to call her “companere” and not “companera”, denounced this Wednesday, 27th April 2022 the leak of intimate audiovisual material on social media networks, Through a video, the young lady asked her followers to aid her to denounce the leak of intimate pictures and clips, which would be making rounds on several social media networks sans her consent. Follow More Update On

Video De La Compañere Andra Escamilla FILTRADO

Seemingly, it would be the content that Escamilla posted to her Fansly account, a platform where some individuals post adult content, similar to OnlyFans. Given the situation, the call made by the young lady was to report the photos or video clips that were discovered on her, since they would have been filched sans her permission or consent, from the above-mentioned platform, whilst she did not give additional information.

Escamilla stated, “They posted a video of the Fansly to Twitter and Facebook, possibly to Telegram and Reddit, and to a platform, so if you watch it, please do report it.” It is known that the young lady previous days declared on her Instagram account that she decided to open a space for followers on the Fanslu platform, which she audacious was an “improved” OnlyFans, so she asked users about the content they wanted, that she shared.

Andra Escamilla FILTRADO Video

Escamilla stated, “I will open a Fansly. It is an improved Only. They will be able to cast the vote for the content they want to watch. Have different content depending on the amount they pay. And personalized content.” It is worth recalling the video that went viral on social media networks in which a non-binary person, Andra Escamilla requests to be called “companere” and “companera”, it occurred in the middle of an online class.

Escamilla described in a TikTok video the reasons why he made the request and the reason for his reaction at the time of the class. Similarly, this person recognizes the pronouns she and he. claimed that she was not bothered by the memes that went viral after her video was issued, but she considered it highly important to clarify the whole situation.

She started, “This video is going to be a bit serious because it turns out I went viral on social media. Memes do not bother me at all, but I think that in the future I will post a special TikTok to show my reaction to these memes that were made especially on me, but this is going to be a bit severe because I got many harassing comments and quite ugly things, but there are little individuals who do, co-workers from the LGBTQ+ community who did affect them and this is not cool.”

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