VIDEO: HYPO MASHTOWN Death Video – Rapper Hypo Stabbed To Death Viral Video on Twitter & Reddit Hypo, who used to date Emeli Sande, was stabbed to death at a party yesterday in honor of the country’s Jubilee Bank Holiday. Shortly before his death, Hypo, whose real name was Lamar Jackson, recorded himself coming to the event in east London. Follow more updates on


After he was assassinated just after midnight on June 3, police initiated a murder inquiry.

Officers attended to a fight call and discovered him with stab wounds on Chigwell Road in Woodford Green.

Despite efforts by emergency personnel to resuscitate him, Hypo, 39, was pronounced dead at the scene.

Although formal identification is still pending, police have informed his family, who are being assisted by expert officers.

Rapper Hypo Party Fight Video CCTV

Some partygoers allegedly ‘deliberately blocked’ an ambulance that arrived to assist.

‘There was a lot of shouting and cars departing,’ a neighborhood shop owner recalled.

According to the witness, an ambulance arrived half an hour later but was unable to enter the facility because cars had allegedly blocked the door. He said that the automobiles were ‘deliberately trying to impede entrance to the ambulance’ rather than trying to depart.

‘There were people sitting in their cars, and it looked like they were purposely preventing this ambulance with its blue lights on from getting to the site,’ stated another witness.

Rapper Hypo Party Fight Video CCTV Viral On Twitter

‘My house backs up to the venue where the party was held,’ claimed the witness, who did not want to be identified. The loud music began at 4 p.m., and I estimate that around 100 people attended the party.

‘At around midnight, I heard shouting and screaming and saw dozens of individuals involved in a major battle.’ I had a feeling things weren’t quite right…’

According to her, people began to swarm the street and flee the area in their cars.

‘My children should not be forced to watch a murder from their bedroom windows.’ They were inquiring about it today, and I was wondering what you would tell a child about it. When the cops arrived, many people had already left, but they detained a few people to speak with. ‘What happened was a complete embarrassment,’ she stated.

She further claimed that one of the partygoers threatened her after the incident.

‘As people fled, one man knocked over my bin, and I asked him why from my balcony,’ she claimed. ‘He threatened me, claiming he would “slap me up” and that he knew where I lived and would return to get me.’

Paramedics are seen struggling to save Hypo’s life in footage uploaded on social media.

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