VIDEO: NAMHLA MTWA VIDEO Went Viral, Who Beat Her, Suspect Name Pics & CCTV Footage Leaked!

Namhla Mtwa Video Being Beaten Goes Viral On Social Media – VB
As we all know social media is a hub of many videos. The world of the internet is very big and we can easily find any kind of content there. Every kind of video is present online, some are funny, some have explicit content in it, or some shows the cruelty of some people. One such cruel video is circulating and raising the concern about the safety of the people. As per the reports, a message spreads very fastly on social media, as per the latest update on social media. According to the update, Major Mfesane Bhekezulu has been arrested by some South African women. During the investigation, the ladies stated that the major Mfesane reportedly blamed Bhekezulu for taking the life of his longtime love partner.


The women are blaming him for taking the life of his loved partner. Ever since the accusation came fore, the entire social media is stirred up and people looking to know the legitimacy of this accusation. Apart from this, a Namhla Mtwa video being maltreated is trending on Twitter. This video raised the question that who was Namhla Mtwa? As per the reports, on 21st April 2022, Singwa Namhla was recognized as the lady who was fired and killed and the incident happened at Sdwadwa View, Mthatha. This news is one of the most broadly circulated messages at present. After it is reported that Major Mfesane Bhekezulu is behind this murder many South African women are demanding him get strict punishment.

Who Beat Namhla Mtwa?

Keep on reading to know the depth of the Single Namhla murder. Sinwa Nanhera was assassinated last month and during the investigation, it is found that Major Mfesane Bhekezulu is the leading suspect in this lethal murder case. The probe of this case is currently going on. This incident filled the anger amongst the people and they wanted him to get punished and wanted justice for his innocent soul. The people also wanted to know the actual reason for this murder and what punishment will be assigned to the suspect.

The entire name of the sufferer is Single Namhla Miwa. Major Bhekezulu is claimed to be her longtime love partner and both have been continuous in contact. As per reported that she wanted to come out of this abusive relationship and when Major got to know about it he killed her. Major shot her 9 times on 21st April 2022. The entire incident happened in the driveway of Sdwadwa View.

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