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Video: See what was found inside a man’s bag in India that got people reacting



And here we are again, Nigerian men disgracing us abroad again. We should know that what is bad is bad and shouldn’t be concealed or shout be punished. Yet, it so unfortunate that some people are siding this man on social media.

It’s a short minute video on how a Nigerian man in India has hid a drug worth of millions in Nigeria currency. According to the report, the drug is worth twenty seven thousand dollars in USA currency. So unfortunate it happened in India and our image gradually falling again.

In the video, the Indians were seeing searching the bag and one would wonder how they got to know that something was there. In the video, the hard drugs was carefully concealed in a nylon, then rapped and hid under the bag the man carried. The bag was again sealed so no one would know something was there.

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Unfortunately they detected and caught him. This is it again, and why they would always check us carefully at the airport. We shouldn’t complain.

Watch the video below.


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