Video: Shabnam Nadeem Instagram audio Goes Viral On Instagram, Twitter and Youtube


Video: Shabnam Nadeem Instagram audio Goes Viral On Instagram, Twitter, and Youtube On April 6, an audiotape of Instagram influencer Sabnam and her buddy Nadeem, in which Nadeem is heard suggesting Hindus should be raped, identified, and killed, went popular on social media sites. When Nadeem was continually criticizing Hindus in the 2-minute film, Sabnam could be heard chuckling and giggling. She even called Nadeem the “funniest person” at one point.

Shabnam Nadeem Instagram audio

TiredBhiim, a Twitter user, shared the audio recording. “Absolutely Sickening!!” he wrote in a tweet. Look just how much hatred these folks have for Hindus. Sabnam and her pal Nadeem are their names.” Because the content is too foul and insulting to transcribe the audio as is, OpIndia has decided to provide a synopsis of the conversation instead.

“Three Hindus were slain right in front of my eyes,” Nadeem stated. In our location, they die on a daily basis. They should be slaughtered in the open. A cow was murdered just a few days ago. A Hindu approached and voiced his displeasure. I advised him to contact the police and the administration. They were adamant about not doing anything.”

“Hindu faith is nothing,” Nadeem remarked, continuing his assault while Sabnam laughed. These people have vivid imaginations. One of them holds the head of another god. Another option is to use half and half. These folks are the world’s rubbish.” “I choked while laughing,” Sabnam replied in response to his torturers. Seriously, Nadeem is the king of comedy!”


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Shabnam Nadeem Instagram

“If somebody wants to report me, go ahead,” Nadeem challenged everyone. I would have recognised and murdered them one by one if I had an AK 47. Hindus should be sexually assaulted. I’ll take care of it. “Three Hindu ladies have been raped by me.” Throughout the video, he used terrible, filthy insults directed at Hindus.

“I want them to kill me,” he added as Sabnam implored him to calm down. Make a martyr out of me. After me, there will be another 100. “What would they do then?” you might wonder.

Another section of the audio file has gone popular on the internet as well. Nadeem may be heard on the tape saying that Hindus are terrified of death, whilst Muslims are not.


“You Hindus may be scared of death, but we aren’t.” We are Muslims, after all. “We don’t fear death,” stated the individual who goes by the name Nadeem.

Shabnam Instagram Audio

Sabnam used the victim card in her Instagram stories after the tape became viral. “For the first time in my life, you have been threatening me with rape and death for the past two days,” she stated. You’re putting me in strange groups and making fun of my religion. It’s too much for me right now. Others, such as Abhishek Dev, Yuvraj, and others, threatened me with rape and death when I was alive. My mental health is in shambles. I was already depressed, and you’ve made things a lot easier for me. For the last time, I spoke with my folks. The police will now be in charge.

Sabnam instagram  Video: Shabnam Nadeem Instagram audio Goes Viral On Instagram, Twitter and Youtube sabnam
Screenshot of Sabnam’s Insta story.

“I am releasing myself from this life,” she added. You’ve compelled me to do this action. No one is addressing the man who spoke during a live session. I’m a girl, and you’re all threatening me because I’m alone. I’ve jotted down the names of those who have threatened me on a piece of paper. If I am abused without my knowledge, this information should be widely disseminated. Thank you for inspiring me to take my own life.”

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