Viral TikTok Shows Hooters Employees Sleeping On The Floor At The Masters


A waitress at Hooters when going to work at The Masters, a major golf tournament in Georgia, claims she had to sleep in a room among women she didn’t know, all on air mattresses. Tiktok user @alexiskindtexas, posted a video to the platform, showing the room filled with air mattresses and three other women crowding the bathroom.

Alexis wrote in the text over the video, “When you come to work at The Masters and you’re sleeping on air mattresses in an apartment with girls you don’t know”. Adding to her opinion of the living situation, she captioned the video with “Lowkey they did us dirty”. With 4 women in one room, apparently, none of them were made aware that that’s how their living situation would be. Comments ranged from people being stunned by the situation, saying “You’d think that corporate would spend the money on some hotels,” to “Wow that’s terrible!!” to past and present Hooters employees chiming in, saying how when they had gone to The Masters in the past, they also had to sleep on air mattresses among strangers. “Oh no they did that to us back in 2014,” one person commented. “I left and went to Charleston with a couple of girls instead.”

More comments have been piling in, with another Hooters employee saying how they’ve been working for them for 9 years now, and that this has and always will be what they do. Many others can’t believe that it’s still the same after all this time. The company of Hooters itself isn’t an official sponsor of The Masters, but it’s still quite involved in the tournament. The restaurant chain sets up a huge tent next to the main building and serves food to the athletes and spectators. Hopefully, Hooters can fix this issue and make a better situation next time for their employees.

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