Virginia High School Teacher To SUE A 10th Grade White Student For Leaving Banana In His Doorway

After a white tenth-grade student was found leaving a banana in the doorway of his classroom for months, Joel Mungo, a Black Virginia high school history teacher, plans to sue him. Mungo, who has worked at Menchville High School for 21 years, revealed that in October 2021, he discovered a banana in his classroom doorway. According to Mungo, it became a recurring incident as the banana was placed in the same spot a month ago too. He witnessed the incident around six times and decided not to let it go this time.

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Facing six incidents, Mungo, who is one of the few black teachers at the mostly white high school, decided he can not take it anymore. “My door was greeted by a banana. In the entryway, the banana was precisely placed. It was definitely a calculated move”, Mungo revealed. For those unversed, racists use bananas as a weapon to compare black people to monkeys. This is the reason why the black teacher was so offended and considering the fact it happened six times already, he was upset. Now, it is coming forward that Mungo might sue the tenth grader for his racial behavior.

Mungo went ahead to report the incident to Menchville administrators, who reviewed surveillance footage and identified the culprit as a former student of Mungo. According to Mungo, he asked the student to admit his mistake and come clean to him but he did not admit committing it and continued playing dumb. The history teacher even contacted the child’s parents to inform them about their child’s behavior towards a black teacher in school. Needless to say, the parents were embarrassed. Later, the student was put on suspension for two days which made his parents enraged.

As per reports, the teacher has now chosen to file a lawsuit in response to the racist incident. Mungo stated that he is fed up with the racism around, especially at the academic institutions. He added that people will have to speak up otherwise it will continue to go on. According to the black teacher, no teacher other than him has faced such kind of behavior from the students. Attorney Ali Shahrestani has stated that the teachers witnessing these kinds of incidents should take the matter to court to give the wrongdoers a message. The attorney slammed the two-day suspension and said that it should be given to those who insult another student or cheats on their test.

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