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Bigg Boss Non Stop Telugu OTT

After entertaining the viewers for quite some time, the popular reality show ‘Bigg Boss Non-Stop Telugu OTT’ is coming to an end soon. Needless to say, the fans will miss watching the show every day once it bids its adieu. However, what has begun has to end too. The contestants have been putting their best efforts to impress the audience with their appearance in the show so that they can lift the trophy and win the coveted title with the help of their votes. Let us find out what is going to happen in today’s episode.

Currently, a total of six contestants are nominated for this week’s eviction. The list includes Anil, Baba Bhakar, Hamida, Natraj Master, Ariyana, and Shiva. The elimination will take place among one of these six contestants and will result in one of them exiting the BB house. However, some sources are claiming that there will be a double elimination this week that will exclude not just one but two housemates from the running to become the winner of the show. Yes, reportedly, two contestants’ journeys will end in the upcoming episode. Votes have been placed for the nominated contestants.

As per the voting details, it is said that Ariyana, Anil, Baba Bhaskar, and Shiva are in the safe zone while Hamida and Mitraaw continue to be in the danger zone. However, it can not be confirmed yet. The announcement of the contestant who will leave the BB house will be made on the weekend by the host only. Apart from the elimination, the show will soon welcome the family members of the contestants. Yes, after crowning its last captain of the season, the show will welcome the members today. The makers have released several promos on their official channel.

In one promo, Ashu’s mother is seen entering the house with a broomstick and asking Ashu if she has come to the show to win the trophy or to show only her emotions. To Ashu’s surprise, Ashu’s mother refuses to call her favorite contestant. The statement leaves everyone in splits. Besides, other contestants’ family members also arrived at the show and brought a smile to everyone’s faces. It is no doubt to state that the Nagarjuna hosted Bigg Boss Telugu OTT upcoming episode is going to be a full package consisting of emotional and fun moments. Keep following our site for more updates on the reality show.

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