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Wait! Don’t Shake The Gas Cylinder again. Use This safe Method



Shaking of the gas cylinder to check the quantity of

the content left after use is not safe and is dangerous.

Pouring of water on it is deemed safer.

There have been so many cases of a gas explosion occurring too often. This has resulted in the loss of lives, properties, and damages. The real cause of it can’t be stopped in some cases as gas is highly volatile and inflammable. They expand uncontrollably leading to it exploding and destruction of life and property.

Some of the explosion is caused by leakage of the containers, rusty cylinders but research has shown most damages caused by the gas explosion is caused by human error and carelessness. Examples like the opening of the gas before lighting them, forgetting to turn off the valve before and after use, replacing the worn-out parts,s, etc. There are so many mistakes we caused ourselves which will be looking at now.

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Research has shown that many people usually shake the gas cylinder to check the level of content in it. This may seem like the regular norms of the day but it’s dangerous and not a safe method at all since the gas is highly volatile and inflammable depending  on the temperature of the environment around might explode in the process. The slightest spark from outside can be very fatal. So that should bring to our mind what is the safest method to replace the shaking of the gas cylinder to check the quantity of content.

The safest way to check the content of gas left behind is to pour water on the side of the cylinder. In that way, the inflammable gas is not disturbed. While the water is poured on it, time (5 minutes) should be given to it for the gas to perform its trick. In this way, the part which has no gas will quickly get dried but the side which has gas will be very wet on the side of the cylinder. In that way, the real content and level of the gas are revealed. This my friend is the safest way to check the quantity of gas left behind for us to determine when to fill them

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