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Watch AMARACHI Video & Pics Leaked & Viral On Twitter, Instagram & Social Media, Age, Family & More!

Little Amarachi who once won the Airtel Dance competition is all grown up now and is taking over the internet, a some of the pictures of the participant go viral on the internet. ย The Nigerian girl won the competition in 2012 and was spotted in two different videos after which she is gaining fame again but this time on the internet. People who have had her memories when she was a small girl were shocked after seeing her all grown up. People remember Amarachi as the winner of the contest and in a TikTok video the girl was seen all grown up. In the TikTok video, a lady combined all the kidโ€™s photos with their now photos as grown adults. People started admiring her as she is a grown lady now and was also an idol for many. In her throwback pictures, she was seen wearing the Airtel cap which she might he clicked after winning the competition.


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Who Is Amarachi?

The girl was then the ambassador of the telecom company and was adored by many for her dancing skills. The video that brought her back into the limelight, shared some other pictures of Amarachi as well, showing that she is not that little anymore. The TikTok video that was shared by the user has until now gained many likes and shares as well. The video has until now gathered Thousands of comments on the video as well. The full name of the girl is Amarachi Uyanne, who was born on the 17thย of July 2004. She is known by her stage name Amarachi and is Nigerian by birth.

Amarachi Photos Went Viral On Twitter

The young teenager is a dancer, singer, and violinist as well. Apart from Winning the Airtel competition and being its brand ambassador, Amarachi has also won the Maiden Edition of Nigerianโ€™s got talent. She also has her single with her name, known as Amarachi Dance which is her debut. Talking about her education, Amarachi went to the University preparatory Secondary School in Benin City, of the Eldo State. She recently graduated from Secondary School in July 2019.

Amarachi: Wikipedia & Biography

She is currently studying at the Benson Idahosa University, which is also in the Benin City. She also was featured in the song Ova Sabi, and until now she has two o her single songs. Apart from this, she teaches dance at the Amarachi dance academy. The academy was built to teach children music and train them to get an understanding of music and dance as well. Until now she has gained much popularity in her region and is doing her bit to improve in dance and music.


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