Watch BTS V Taehyung Smoking E-Cigarette Video Viral On Twitter Instagram

These days, on social networking sites, uncounted viral scandals are coming to the fore and almost every time, this footage remains the subject of wide discussion among everyone, especially those who make their daily appearance on the app to make themselves acquainted with the world affair. But since the viral videos occupy the platform, the entire circumstances have been overturned totally, because regularly a few clips are making huge headlines. But not all the time these videos contain inappropriate ones, sometimes it contains controversial ones as well. Something similar has recently happened with BTS member “Taehyung” as well, so below you could get everything.

As per the exclusive reports or sources, seldom a few hours are passed of sharing the photo by BTS on social networking sites and despite this, it has started making rapid rounds like a wildfire, which became the cause of heavy reactions. As almost everyone is advising Taehyung to quit smoking as it is injurious to his health, and this is the reason, ever since his photo with the entire group come ahead while having an E-Cigrate it turned into a controversy. Because his admirers are paying concerned about him, and hence, they are sharing their reactions.

BTS V Taehyung Smoking E-Cigarette Video Viral

Reportedly, the entire video of Taehyung is making huge rounds on social media which has been shared by BTS: Jimin. In the video, he is clearly appearing while having an E-Cigrate which indicates that electricity, could be proven harmful to the human body and therefore, being a reputed one he should think about his health while quitting smoking. On Twitter, uncounted posts are being shared by the fans under the shed of concern about his health. But now,m the video has been removed by the authorities after creating a huge controversy, in short, you could not find it on social networking sites.

Besides all these, no reactions have been made by BTS: Jimin and Kim Taehtung (V’s real name) which is remaining the hot discussion among everyone, because his admirers were expecting to get a reply from the side of him. Therefore, many netizens are unleashing their own remarks on the incident, so here we have mentioned such pieces of vital information, which have been derived from other sources therefore when we will get more we will make you acquainted for sure, so stay connected with us to know more because still some pieces are being delivered by the reports.

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