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Obdulia Sanchez, a California teenager who recently graduated from high school, is accused of live streaming her sister’s death on Instagram during a car crash police say she caused.

police photo Obdulia Sanchez

You can watch the video below, but be aware that it’s disturbing. In this version, the victim’s face is blurred out. You can find links to the unedited version later in this story.

Sanchez’ sister, Jacquelin Sanchez Estrada, 14, died in the deadly crash. Obdulia, 18, was behind the wheel, police say. Another teenager in the car, Manuela Seja, also 14, suffered a non life-threatening injury during the crash, which occurred in Los Banos, California on July 21. Obdulia was sentenced to at least six years in prison for the crash, telling the court, “I don’t want to go to prison, but I deserve whatever punishment I receive.”

Obdulia Sanchez was arraigned on July 26 on charges that could send her to prison for 13 years. According to ABC30, she pleaded not guilty to charges of “gross vehicular manslaughter while intoxicated, an alternative count of gross vehicular manslaughter, and four separate counts of DUIcausing injury.”

Obdulia Sanchez, who calls herself a former model and a “psycho” on Facebook, and whose profile picture shows her holding a gun, is accused of streaming the video on the social media platform before, during, and right after the crash. One of her followers saw it and reposted it, and the video has since gone viral on the Internet.

A photo Obdulia Sanchez posted on Facebook.

The horrific video is very disturbing and, at several points, the uncensored version shows the dead girl lying on the ground as her sister speaks to the camera.

Obdulia’s lawyer says people shouldn’t rush to judge her. “It’s very unfortunate that so many people would rush to judge Ms. Sanchez in this case based on a few minutes of a video clip when she’s a very young 18-year-old woman,” he said. “They’ve never walked a single step in her shoes. They don’t know that she’s been a foster child, they don’t know that she’s been a victim of human trafficking.”

According to Fox 40, “Investigators are looking into the graphic video that may have been filmed by Obdulia Sanchez prior to and during the fatal crash. The live video, originally posted to Instagram, was circulated on social media.” The video starts with Obdulia rapping to music while driving before the car crashes.

In the video, Sanchez, 18, allegedly says, according to Fox 40, “Jacqueline, please wake up. I f****** killed my sister, OK? I know I’m going to jail for life.” She also allegedly says, “I love my sister… this is the last thing I thought was going to happen to us.” The video starts with a normal driving scene before chaos results; authorities accuse Obdulia of driving under the influence and over-correcting on a turn. (Many news sites gave the victim’s name as Jacqueline, but a television reporter who spoke to her parents is using Jacquelin.)

In one especially chilling moment, Sanchez is accused of also saying, “I killed my sister, but I don’t care. I killed my sister. I know I’m going to prison, but I don’t care. I’m sorry baby. I’m a hold it down.”

The extremely disturbing original and unedited video is still circulating on YouTube and Facebook. However, be aware that it’s very troubling to watch.

There’s also an earlier video from inside the car before the crash.

Obdulia Sanchez had a presence on multiple social media platforms, sometimes using the name Lulu. ABC30’s Sontaya Rose posted a photo, above, that bore the caption, “when you almost crashed because you’re on Snapchat.” She reported that “Sanchez is refusing to talk to CHP investigators about Friday’s deadly crash near Los Banos. Investigators say they asked her what happened and read her her Miranda Rights. She did not answer any questions.”

Obdulia Sanchez was “under the influence when she rolled her car over, into a barbed wire fence and then a field,” police say, according to ABC30. Fresno Bee reported that the victim, Jacqueline Sanchez, “wasn’t wearing a seatbelt when she was ejected through the back window of a white Buick Century as it crashed and rolled over off the south end of Henry Miller Road, east of Mercey Springs Road.”

Although many people have criticized Obdulia Sanchez online, there is a “Free Obdulia Sanchez” Facebook page that has more than 5,500 members and argues, “Obdulia Sanchez is a child who made an error in judgement. She is being made a scapegoat for an incident that took the life of her 14-year-old sister, but it is not Obdulia’s fault. She should not be held responsible for this terrible tragedy, which says more about our society and what is deemed acceptable.”

In an interview with ABC30, Obdulia’s father, Nicandro Sanchez, said, “It’s an accident. It happened that way. Who knows why?”

The television station said both parents believe Obdulia needs “help,” with the father adding, “I think she doesn’t know what happened. What I think is she knows she’s done something wrong. Because she knows, and that’s what I feel. She feels bad for herself, but she killed her own sister.”

However, authorities say otherwise. They’ve accused Obdulia of vehicular manslaughter and DUI. Many others online are criticizing Obdulia’s actions and comments.

Mary Hernandez, the woman who originally reposted the Obdulia Sanchez video stream, sending it viral, shared a GoFundMe page established for the family’s funeral expenses and wrote on Facebook, “You all have seen the video, let’s help her family lay her to rest !” She told Buzzfeed the video had 700,000 views on Facebook before the platform took it down. She says it was sitting on Instagram for 19 hours before she reposted it. “I think this video can get a lot of people to think twice about using their phones while driving now,” she said to Buzzfeed.

Some of Obdulia’s Facebook posts are also disturbing. In 2015, a post on her Facebook page read, “F*ck lazy (racial slur removed) ? why are u alive?? ? #Die.” That same year, she wrote, “Wish Me Luck because I got Court in the Morning. Hope I dont get locked up.” She wrote on one video of police, “F*ck the pigs.” In 2014, a post said, “The moment you realize how irrelevant you are to the world ? ?Life is a b*tch and then you Die.”


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