Watch Sirf Tum Written Update Today’s Episode 12th April 2022 Ansh’s Plan Fails

Sirf Tum serial

Mamta asks Suhani to take a rest in today’s episode of Sirf Tum. Suhani tells her that she is fine. Ansh sees them and asks a servant to bring tea for them. Here, Mamta makes banners for Ranveer and prays for him. Suhani also makes banners for him. Suhani and Mamta distribute the banners among the students. Ranveer sees Suhani. He takes the pamphlets away and tears them into pieces. Ansh and Ria smile at one another. Later, the students cast their votes. The dean comes and tells that Ranveer has got 90% votes.

Ranveer comes and tells the dean that he does not care about the votes. He says that he has decided not to stay in the college. Ansh comes and questions Ranveer about it. Meanwhile, Rakesh comes. Ansh says that he does not want to study here because of Suhani so he called Rakesh here. Mamta requests Rakesh to think about Ranveer’s career and support him. Rakesh says that he has come to know the entire truth. He adds that he knows that Ranveer will never harm Suhani and says that he has told Suhani to get free from this unwanted marriage whenever she wants.

As Rakesh says that and hugs Suhani, Mamta and Ranveer get surprised. Ansh gets shocked seeing the whole scenario. He gets fumed. In the next scene, Mamta prepares sweets for Vikrant. He tastes it and praises Mamta. Vikrant asks Mamta why she looks so happy. She tells him that with the help of Suhani she managed to cancel the rustication order of Ranveer. Mamta asks him to keep his promise to allow Ranveer to choose his own path now. Vikrant gets angry at her and leaves. Later, Mamta goes to Suhani and does her aid.

Mamta tells Suhani that her wound will heal fast if it is applied by her mother. Suhani says that she feels bad for staying here and troubling her. Mamta says that she is already tolerating Ansh and her family. Mamta says that she talks so sweetly. Ranveer comes and says that first Suhani captured his heart and now she has won over his mother too. Here, Riya breaks things out of anger. Her father asks her to come down. He says that Ranveer will become a well-known doctor. Riya says that Suhani and Ranveer will study in the same college and might get closer again. Riya says she does not want that to happen.

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