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Udaariyan Today Episode 9th December 2021 Written Update Fateh gets shot

In the latest episode of Uddariyaan, we have watched that Jasmin is all set to apologise but Rupy stops her in between. Meanwhile, Tejo asks Ruby to allow them to go. Rupy says that he already knows that Fateh doesn’t deserve Tejo. Just then Tejo says because she hurts Fateh a lot. Rupy asks that she isn’t going anywhere. She says that she betrayed him, Jasmin was at fault give me a chance to explain herself. In between Angad says that she will regret lifelong if you don’t go to him today. Get more information on Udaariyaan Written Update.

Tejo and Jasmin both leave along with Angad. Khushbeer remembers Tejo’s words and just then someone rings the doorbell. Jasmin and Tejo were at the door and asks Fateh to open the door but Fateh angrily asks Mahi to not open the door. Fateh asks all of his family members to go inside and let him handle the situation on their own. Buzo comes to Fateh and asks at least listen to them once. Fateh says he can’t as Tejo broke her trust he can’t forgive her.

All of the family members of Fateh are quite tense, Lovely says that Tejo made a mistake for the first time. Satti says that Tejo and Fateh’s relationship is going to break. Lovely tries to console her. Satti is worrying a lot. Jasmin says that they came here to apologise and asks them to open the door. Amrik brings Jasmin’s bag and he opens the door. Jasmin asks Amrik, she knows he comes here to punish her. Amrik says that you deserve to be punished. He hands her a bag and Tejo tries to stop her. But Amrik stops her and says that he used to respect her a lot but now he can’t respect her anymore.

Jasmin sees Fateh and asks that Tejo is in a problem, she further says that she is in a problem again due to me. Angad says don’t interfere between them let them handle the things they are suffering. Tejo and Fateh are crying recalling their past, Fateh goes to the terrace and sees Tejo from there. Tejo sees Fateh and he goes to her, Tejo apologises to her and he comes to her. Tejo accepts her mistake but Fateh says that he won’t forgive her. Tune in to Social Telecast for more information and the latest updates.

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