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What A ‘Madwoman’ Is Doing With Her New Born Baby That Stir Reactions



Nigerians have reacted after a woman was spotted roaming the street of Abeokuta Express way highway in Lagos state, and subsequently sat down to breastfeed her new born baby. According to reports by a Facebook user, the unidentified woman who obviously looks like a mentally deranged person put to birth on Wednesday, 23rd of September, on the street of Oko Oba and since then, she has been catering for herself all alone and the baby.

Many have raised comments and diverse opinions like, “Who got her pregnant.” “Someone should save the baby!”

However, come to think of this, who got her pregnant? Is it a fellow mentally deranged person that got her pregnant or is it a sane person? If it is a sane person, what could have caused such an attraction to a madwoman when we have hundreds of ladies around.

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The world is truly strange, as evil has monopolized the minds of human. If a rational thinking human being could impregnate a madwoman, and then leave his baby in the cold, then we should expect the worst.

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