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What a man likes in a woman.



There are things that when a man sees in a woman, he can’t let go. Let’s see them.



1. Beauty: Beauty here is not what we always think it is. A group of women

could be stunning, but only one would attract a man with beauty exclusively.

The structure of everyone’s face varies, and believe me the shape of a woman’s face


alone could attract a man. The colour of the lips is equally important. Some men

love pink lips, some love red lips. Hence if a man is into red lips and you have pink

Lips it won’t work.

2.The colour of the hair: the hair colour can bring out the beauty and get

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attractive to a man.

3. Skin color: men are interested in fair skin type but it varies,some guys are

easily attracted to dark skin too..but make sure you take care of your skin.

4. Body shape: men are attracted to females with good body shape especially an

hour Glass ( figure 8).


5. Ambition: women with good lifestyle and are ambitious are good catch for men

because they don’t want to marry a liability

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