What did Chris-Chan do with his mother? on Twitter they say that he raped her

A group of people on the internet are commenting on what Crhis Chan just did, and that is that according to a post on Reddit he would have lost his virginity, but not with whom he should but with his own mother which has generated a hello of memes and the Netizens’ opinion giving him all the “Hate” possible for having supposedly done this thing.

I hope you don’t have any plans, you will spend it to understand Chris-chan. This is a link to his wiki page on the wiki, dedicated to his life. Chris-chan is a powerful person with autism. He once produced a comic called Sonichu, and I’m fascinated by Sonic. He is best known for Sonichu and his YouTube videos. He appeared to be a pedophile, racist and was once gay, so much so that he couldn’t stand kimchi until he exposed himself as a tomboy and started dressing up as a transvestite.

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4Chan has abused him many times, and each time the result is hilarious. He has been looking for his soul mate in “Looking for Love”. You can give birth to the daughter that God showed you in a dream.
4chan takes advantage of this by disguising various trolls as girls. This led him to do things like shove a Crayola magic clay box up his ass in front of the camera, ruin his PS3, and reveal that he couldn’t control his intestines, so he did similar things in bed. I slept on it all night because it was lazy.
They convinced him that his fake girlfriend was raped and his response was to tell her that he should marry her rapist. They also asked him to reveal that he drank his semen to recover, and that he either did, or was in front of the camera. There are more, but this has been turned into an article and you should now understand the general points.

What he did recently was scared because Sega changed the color of Sonic’s arm. He entered a prohibited GameStop and attempted to destroy the sonic blast screen in protest, and tried to pepper-spray an employee when he left, even though he was just standing there.

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