What Does the Tik tok Video “wren.eleanor Eating Corn Dog” Mean?


Popular Tiktok user Wren Eleanor became a star at a young age. Her family, lifestyle, and comedy videos are widely recognized.

Her mother, Jacqueline, has recently come under fire for posting videos of her baby online. Eleanor has the username @wren.eleanor on Tiktok.

Who is Tiktok user wren.eleanor?

In total, 17.3 million people follow Wren Eleanor on Tiktok. Her post has 558.8 million replies.

Only three years old, Eleanor. In mid-2019, she made her Titkok debut with her mother, Jacquelyn. By April 2021, her account had accumulated 10 million followers. She has also worked on music videos for performers like Imagine Dragons and Pinkpantheress.

Eleanor often pleases her followers by dressing differently. She consumes a variety of things and has funny facial expressions.

In September 2021, the TikTok starlet appeared with her mother in a TikTok video featuring Sam Smith’s song “Like I Can.” In their most recent post, Wren is playing with a balloon filled with water.

The Significance of Eleanor Ryan Eating Corn Dogs

In one of her videos, Wren Eleanor can be seen devouring a giant corn dog. The video gained notoriety due to a three-year-old eating street food and her mother’s lack of care.

Again, many believed that the video contained adult information. Eleanor sticks her tongue out in some of her videos while eating chips and drinking “giant hot dogs.”

Her video appears to be a simple recording in which her daughter and mother portray the best friend and provide some hilarious material. However, if we continue to use the TikTok search box to find Wren, the actual impact of these videos will become apparent.

A quick comment on the topic, and many users believe that Jacqueline is using her kids to become famous. According to another group, the content was very naive and sweet, while most believed that Ryan’s mother had bad intentions.

Reddit debate over 3-year-old Ryan Eleanor’s privacy

Most of Wren’s Tiktok videos have been decrypted by multiple Reddit accounts using her name. The user claimed her mother used her daughter online to appease perverts.

According to commenters on the post, Wren’s mother is allegedly exploiting her, putting her at risk from the many perverts lurking on TikTok. She claimed: “Totally distasteful. Apparently, she bought all the food besides the movie. It’s not even a typical purchase, especially for a child.”

Another commenter added: “This is what Linzy Taylor just did too. She posted videos of her son sucking different things. Not everyone sees online about Wren having trouble online because of her food related videos I don’t upload pictures of my kids, but if I do, I strongly advise against showing them anything with anything in their mouths.”

However, there were also several who spoke out for Ryan’s mother. According to one user, Jacquelyn did not change her content in the first place, nor did it intentionally. She claimed: “There is no drama here! But I love this woman because she continues to produce stuff despite having children. In my opinion she has a good mix of food and family-related topics. She is very Kind, provides great home cooking recipes, and doesn’t reveal too much about her baby.”

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