What Happened At Castle Combe Race Circuit? Two People In Hospital After Crash!

Castle Combe horror crash video

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An accident news has been reported on the Internet that incites users of social networks. People are scared after hearing this news and looking for more details about this case. According to the report, 2 people were admitted to hospital after the collision at Castle Combe racing circuit. According to the report, the injured people were rushed to the medical institution after a major accident. The incident occurred on Saturday 3rd September 2022. The 1.85 mile race track near Chippenham was hosting its Forge Action Day, an event that organizes performances by cars of all makes and types to take part in track sessions. Follow our website ElMundoChismosos.com for the latest updates!!!!!

Castle Combe horror crash video

Video of the incident is currently on the web showing the dramatic moment of the accident. According to the information, shared footage from the track session shows the scene of one of the performance cars going out of control before flipping over multiple times, leaving behind smoke and dust in the arena. It is not clear how many cars were involved in the collision, but two people were instantly admitted to the medical institution for medical treatment. Castle Combe Race Circuit stated in a released statement that they shared on their social media page on Saturday 3rd September 2022,

What happened at Castle Combe racing circuit?

“After a serious incident at the race track today, 2 victims are currently living in hospital where they are receiving medical treatment. We are asking people to respect the privacy of those involved in the accident, and we will surely share any and all updates on the incident. Sincere thanks for your coordination and also for the cooperation.” Apart from this, the race track also mentioned warning messages that there are many social media accounts sharing fake videos of the race track accident. The account mentioned, “We only have one account on Tiktok which is @CastleCombe.”

Two people in hospital after an accident at Castle Combe

After the fatal accident, Forge Motorsport also mentioned support. He stated that “We would like to address the matter of the incident that occurred yesterday 3rd September at the Forge Day of Action at the time of the track session which was organized at Castle Combe. The data and the name of the victims are not yet known, nor has the racetrack shared anything about them. The current status of the injured is also not identified yet but we will get it soon. Until then, have faith in us and read our upcoming news and stay up to date on what’s happening around the world.

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