What Happened At Schurz High School Today? 4 Teens Wounded In Shooting Near Chicago!

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In this article we are going to tell you about the very shocking news that is coming, four former CPS students are said to have been shot near Schurz High School which is on the Northwest side and if we talk about the state, so according to the authorities they are in serious condition, so a video related to this incident is also going viral and this incident took place on August 24, 2022, so according to the police and the reports that we have been receiving, there were students. They were standing when a car approached and started shooting. It was a fantastic moment for everyone who was there when this mass shooting took place on a Wednesday afternoon. Follow our website ElMundoChismosos.com for the latest updates!!!!!

Schurz High School shooting video

So, according to reports and according to police, there are 4 students, including one adult and three teenagers, who were shot while standing outside the restaurant. After that the police started to investigate the whole shooting and they came out and they believed that there are only four victims from the school in particular if we’re talking about the vehicle so it was the dark colored SUV that was approaching to open fire on the students and if we talk about the victim like this a 15 year old boy was involved in the shooting and is now in a very serious condition his identity hasn’t really been revealed yet.

What happened today at Schurz High School?

Talking about another boy who is also 15 years old he was getting shot in the back but he was immediately transferred to the nearest hospital and if we talk about his condition then he is in a stable condition now talking about another boy who was 17 years old was being he was shot in his leg and another 18-year-old was being shot in the leg. After this incident, the entire school was closed for a while so that all students can safely go home, including faculties. This is a very serious matter and now the principal of that school is working on staff and they will provide support to the students and all the witnesses who were present at the shooting and are genuinely concerned for their safety.

Who is the suspect?

There are a number of images that are floating around on social media regarding this particular shooting that took place at this school where we can clearly see that Chicago police are doing everything they can and have also been indulging in the evidence marker so that can find any clues. at the scene of that particular shooting. However, the identity of the shooter has yet to be released, but police are doing their best to contact him and we will be sure to update you on the entire situation when we receive information from authorities or Chicago police. We know that violence. There is an increase in day to day life and people are not safe even on the roads and now even schools are not safe for children and parents are really worried about the safety of children.

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