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What Happened To 6000 Knust Students? Defer Courses Due To Unpaid School Fees: We all go to schools, colleges, and universities to learn some ethics, moral values, and lessons. Parents will proud of their students to send them to the school. But there are some schools, and universities where students can’t afford to pay higher fees to enter into a high levels universities. Yes, we are talking about the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST) in which 6000 students in the tertiary institution have been compelled to defer their course due to their inability to pay their fees. This university has put the students in trouble. They don’t know from which source they get the money. They will not sit in the mid-semester exam until they made the full payment. Follow More Update On CmaTrends.com

What Happened To 6000 Knust Students?

This doesn’t happen to one student. This happen to 6000 students and all were facing the same problem. The university announced that students who owe more than 70 percent of their school fees were to automatically defer their courses by April 7, 2022. Despite the affected students having been allowed to sit in the mid-semester exam which started on April 11, 2022.

Those who still had not paid up after the first exam week were forced to defer their courses. The students were tense now and their families can’t send money more to them. Now students work in Uber, and bakeries’ shops to earn some money to pay their fees. As of now, the students are working in some different fields and they try to make the money as quickly as possible.

6000 Knust Students

Regarding this situation, many users tweeted that: I don’t buy into this, it’s not entirely true. Some of us struggled before we were able to pay our fees during our school days. People are going through a lot and they could have helped those 6000 students instead of deferring them.

Some say The Knut SRC is as useless as man United. But I don’t think dem fit defer 6k students like that. It ain’t possible.

Some say, So if a tertiary student is unable to pay fees? Does that mean they should be deferred? I mean people cannot pay fees and you are deferring them. Why? Knust, this one you people come again. 6k persons are quite a huge number.

Another one, This is ridiculous, 6k is a big number and they cant able pay fees. You have to give them some time so that they will collect money and give them to you.


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