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What Happened To Andrea Lashaye and Johnson-Russell? Mookie Death Case Update: It is with great sadness that you have to inform us that a legend person is no more with us. Her name was Andrea Lasheye Johnson Russell. Many people are also called Mookie. He passed away in the month of December 2021. She was 34 years old at the time of his death. He has done many great things in his life and got many awards in his life. His sudden demise has shocked many, especially his family. They are deeply saddened to hear about his sudden demise. In this article, we are going to discuss his life. Also, take a look at his personal and professional life. So without further delay, let’s get started. Follow More Update On CmaTrends.com

What Happened To Andrea Lashaye and Johnson-Russell?

As we already said, Andrea Lashey Johnson Russell has sadly passed away. The cause of her death was not yet known. Many say that she died in her sleep, while some say that she died because of her illness. People are giving different types of statements on social media regarding her sudden demise. No one has any clue. Whatever statements come to their mind, they just write them down. Don’t believe them if you see any statement about her sudden demise. As they are trying to mislead you. The police have started their investigation and they are waiting for the post-mortem report. If anything comes up, we will definitely inform you.

Who Is Andrea Lashaye?

She was born on 18 September 1987 in the city of Toledo, Ohio State. She grew up in a very normal family. And raised in a local town. The names of her parents were Alessia Johnson and Dandrich Russell. She also has siblings. But due to a lack of information. We do not know much about her siblings. She spent her childhood very well. And made great friends. Now they are all in different places. Sometimes her friends tried to contact her but due to her busy schedule, she could not even touch them. She tries her best to make time for her friends. But she can’t do anything. The cause of her death was not shared on the web and with her family members.

Andrea Lashaye married life?

She didn’t share her married life with the public. So, we assumed that she was single. And spend the rest of her life single. There is no data found on her married life. She has no husband and no children in her life.

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