What Happened To Baelon Targaryen? House Of The Dragon King Viserys and Aemma Arryn Birth Scene & Why That Was So Important

The most talked-about sequence in a recent “House of the Dragon” episode featured the death of the putative heir to the throne, Belon Targaryen.

The Targaryen dynasty took power in the Game of Thrones prequel, House of the Dragon, and it’s now live. Based on George RR Martin’s Fire and Blood, the show tells the story of House Targaryen. It happened 200 years before the events of Game of Thrones.

Even if Daenerys Targaryen’s bid for the Iron Throne ultimately fails, audiences should now recognize the achievements of her dragon-riding ancestors.

Dragon King’s House

What happened to Belon Targaryen?death scene pictorial

The intended heir to the Iron Throne is the second son of King Viserys and Emma Arryn. After the birth of their daughter, Renilla, they longed for a son in the family. After a previous attempt failed, the couple’s best hope was this one. Unfortunately, things didn’t go as they had hoped.

While giving birth to Viserys Targaryen’s long-awaited child, Queen Emma died suddenly after being brought to sleep at Castle Maegor. However, this child is a creature that has the potential to change the course of history. The baby was given the name of his grandfather, the brave Prince Veron, despite all the difficulties they faced due to an unfavourable childbirth.

Unfortunately, he also passed away the next day. After watching the pilot episode of “House of the Dragon”, the scene sparked chaos. The horrific birth scene of the Dragon House pilot provokes an emotional response. Ryan J. Condal, the producer of the Game of Thrones prequel, saw the overwhelming response from audiences and reported that many were ready to discuss it afterward. The birth of Veron, the Prince of Veron, sparked a lot of discussion.

Twitter is already outraged at how the Queen is being treated just because of a male heir. One viewer of the show claimed, “No son of Belon Targaryen would treat Emma the way Viserys did on that TV show. Imagine Belon Targaryen’s disappointment if he expected the ladies Respected.”

Most internet users are expected to understand the motivations behind the potential heir to the throne. Since its creation, Reddit has been discussing it and coming up with various theories. One of them claimed that Baelon died most likely from a ruptured internal organ or a ruptured appendix.

The Dragon King’s House Viserys and Emma Arryn’s Baby Son Death Scene

When Queen Emma Arryn gave birth to her young son Belon Targaryen, it was hard to see her die. Many observers claim that this moment may have been avoided entirely, but it actually served a purpose. The creators defend themselves by saying that it is their social and moral duty to inform and educate people in the 21st century about the birth of the medieval age, though that may not help the plot much.

In “The Dragon’s Heir,” the opening episode of Season 1 of “Home of the Dragon,” Emma Targaryen died in a difficult childbirth, and her young son Veron died the next day. This episode is important because it highlights the very real risks that women can face during childbirth, and even if it’s devastating for the kingdom, it’s horrific for King Viserys to lose his wife and child.

While childbirth is still risky for many women today, it was especially true in medieval times, which was the inspiration for the House of Dragons. In a narrative involving multiple births in an effort to install an heir to the Iron Throne, it’s crucial to be mindful of these risks.

At a time when the court mourned and agonized over the deaths of Veron and Emma, ​​Prince Daemon Targaryen was observed joking with his noble friends on Silk Street about “Heir of the Day”. This angered King Viserys I Targaryen, who appointed his daughter Rhaenyra Targaryen as his successor.

Dragon King Viserys House and Emma Arryn's Birth Scene  What Happened To Baelon Targaryen? House Of The Dragon King Viserys and Aemma Arryn Birth Scene & Why That Was So Important House Of The Dragon King Viserys and Aemma Arryn Birth Scene 300x169

Dragon King Viserys House and Emma Arryn’s Birth Scene

‘House of the Dragon’ team defends series premiere’s brutal death

“House of the Dragon” has positioned itself as a series describing the hardships of Westeros’ birth, while “Game of Thrones” is known for its deadly marriage.

In the series’ first episode, “The Dragon’s Heir,” Queen Emma Arryn (Sian Brook) dies while giving birth to Veron, the intended heir to King Viserys (Paddy Considine). But for some viewers, the way she died was so harrowing (even horrific). The king was forced to decide between the baby and his wife because the baby was in a breech position and there were no modern instruments to help remove it.

Viserys picked the baby. The woman was then tied up and ripped apart, pleading for her life as her husband watched her die instead of switching to another scene. For such a horrific death, and the first victim of the prequel series, the cameras managed to capture an astonishing amount of information.

The crew shot multiple iterations of the scene, but series director and co-producer Miguel Sapochnik felt it was important to make the scene as terrifying as possible (he also directed famous episodes of Game of Thrones, including “Battle” Bastards”, “The Long Night” and “The Bells”).

In a recent roundtable conversation he participated in, he said: “It seems important to highlight one of the most painful things – that’s what separates families.” We try to make sure we’re not glorifying it, it’s horribly real, and It’s not overdone in the sense that we focus on it.

The creators argue that the scene captures contemporary trauma and anger over freedom of choice and bodily autonomy, given what has happened since Roe v. Wade was overturned.

“Is this too violent for you? We pose and show it to as many women as possible. The answer is no,” Sapochnik added.

“The answer is often, “No, if anything, it has to be bigger. You shouldn’t shy away from this situation, as it brings up a subject that is often an important trigger for a woman: the concept of choice and the fact that she is not allowed to make her own decisions. ‘ he added. She was actually murdered by her husband, which reflects the reality of the society we live in, where women have no choice.

In this episode, the murder is set against a similar duel between Damon Targaryen (Matt Smith) and Sir Christon Cole (Fabien Frankel), which is Sapo Chinick and other creators deliberately state how risky it is to get pregnant in Westeros.

“The birth bed is like a battlefield,” he said. [where] You have a 50% chance of surviving. “It seemed like the right time to make a visual comparison. Males and females fight each other, the male fights on the battlefield, and the female fights for her life, sometimes from those closest to her. “

Considine said everyone was exhausted and distraught after filming the equally dramatic sequence. He did add, however, that some of the photos they took were worse than what was shown in the final product.

It was more emotional and broken, he claimed. Perhaps revealing too much so soon.

As terrifying as that moment was, it was crucial to his character, as Viserys has been haunted by Emma’s death and subsequent loss of her child for a long time.

He puts his wife at risk, but it is almost certain that he must have a male heir. “She had multiple miscarriages, her last miscarriage [pregnancy] ended in her death. This has had a major impact on him throughout his narrative. There are regrets about choosing, serving, and being king. “

As for the rest of the plot, according to Sapochnik, Season 1 will feature four different childbirth scenes, each with a unique theme. However, he considered Emma’s death to be the most brutal scene of the show’s first season.

He said that what you saw in episode 1 was the cruelest thing ever. “Torture was the central theme of that birth. Then there was the birth of pain and ecstasy, of stalemate and conflict, and the birth of struggle.”

Both HBO and HBO Max air new episodes of “House of the Dragon” on Sunday at 9 p.m.

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