What Happened To Chris Wallace?

He claimed to be uncomfortable working for Fox and decided to leave. He joined CNN for breaking news, but some now think he’s quitting the network.

What happened to Chris Wallace?

Chris Wallace is starting a new show on CNN after more than 18 years away from Fox News. He had the opportunity to renew his contract with his former channel network, but he declined and considered leaving.

On December 12, 2021, he officially announced on Fox News that it was his last day working for the network. He bluntly stated that he felt uncomfortable working for Fox. He added it in November 2020 because he believes his time there has run out and the next time will be more similar.

He has said that after a good time at Fox, he is now ready for a new adventure at CNN. His shows include interviews with politicians and discussions on business, sports and culture.

He went on to say that after decades of television, he was eager to explore the world of streaming. CNN global anchor Jeff Zucker also expressed his delight at Chris joining the network.

He only recently started working for the network a few months ago. However, rumors of his withdrawal from CNN have recently started to circulate online due to speculation from viewers. Some online users have attributed the recent sharp drop in CNN ratings to Wallace. There were even predictions that he would lose his job or leave the network out of embarrassment.

Where is Chris Wallace now?

In the second half of 2021, Chris Wallace claims he no longer makes it easy for Fox. Before joining the network, he worked at ABC for 14 years. In 2003, Wallace replaced Tony Snow as the host of Fox News Sunday.

He claims he left Fox News after staff there began to question the veracity of articles about the Jan. 6 violence and whether the 2020 election was rigged, despite his notable accomplishments while employed by the network.

He found working there unsustainable, so he declined to extend his contract as “Fox News Sunday” host in December, switching to rival CNN. He said he will spend most of 2021 researching various businesses to find what works best for him. As such, he is currently employed by CNN.

Rumors of Chris Wallace leaving CNN resolved

Chris Wallace has worked at Fox for 18 years, covering nearly every major political event and conducting numerous high-profile interviews with dignitaries and US leaders. In February 2009, Fox was approved for his first interview with US President Barack Obama.

Along with Bret Baier and Megyn Kelly, he also served as the host of the March 3, 2016, Fox News Republican presidential debate. Furthermore, he had a conversation with President Donald Trump in 2017 after the latter won.

He quit the network, though, to work for its nemesis, CNN. He started a brand new CNN show called “Who’s Talking to Chris Wallace?” CNN+ was discontinued in favor of CNN and HBO Max. After that, the four-night show was moved to Sunday Weekly. He has yet to comment on leaving CNN.

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