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What happened to Eduardo Valseca and Where Is He Today?: Eduardo Valseca is a famous Mexican businessman. He was kidnapped in June 2007 by a gang of heavily armed men. He works as a Drew Lead for a solar startup. Currently, people are again excited to know about him. Where is he now, is he with his family, or has he gone somewhere along. What is doing in his life now? People are really excited to know about him and his daily life. He is a man who works his whole life and he became one of the richest businessmen in Mexico. His life is very inspirational for many people, when he was kidnapped in 2007 after dropping his kids off at school that was the leading news of that time. From the 2007 incident in his life, he became a private person and he started live quiet life in Mexico with his family. Follow More Update On CmaTrends.com

As we know that Eduardo is a famous businessman in Mexico, he was kidnapped in 2007 by a heavily armed man. He was kidnapped for over seven months. So these seven months were very difficult for him and his family. He was kidnapped by the armed men when was dropping his kids to school. after the kidnapping of his seven months, his life became changed. He started to live a quiet life in Mexico with his family.

He was in the gang hostage for more than seven months and he was not released until an undisclosed amount of money had been paid to them. After releasing he told CNN that he believed his abductors were under the assumption that he was rich because his father used to own a chain of newspapers. After all, after paying $8 million to the kidnappers start beating him and even shooting him twice. Once in his leg and once in his arm. But thanks to God he saved and lived with his family.

This was a very shocking and grieving time for Eduardo’s family and for him. After such a long time it is still unclear now who was the behind of his kidnapping. It is not clear now till now. As per Eduardo, it was related to the ring run by Ricardo Palma Salamanca and Raul Julio Escobar Poblete. He is now approximately 70 years old. he lived in Mexico with his wife, Jayne Rager, and their three children. His kidnapping was the very turning point in his life. He has still memories of it very clearly in his mind.

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