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What Happened To Elliott Stooke? Injury Video Viral on YouTube, Reddit, and Twitter: Recently, the news went viral on the internet that the famous rugby player named Elliot Stooke suffered a major injury while playing the game. His short clip was going viral on the internet, where it garners a lot of attention. Stooke was fractured and disclosed his ankle injury. Everyone was praying to see him in his normal state. Because the injury was not small. It was huge and it takes a long time to recover. If you watch his video you see that he has suffered a serious injury to one of his legs, where he needs immediate treatment to see him back to a normal state. His family was spending a lot of money on his treatment. Follow More Update On CmaTrends.com

What Happened To Elliott Stooke?

Presently, he was undergoing treatment and the doctors were good to take care of him. He is out of danger and will soon return to his normal condition as per the doctors. But it takes time. I don’t know when his fracture will heal. Maybe, it took eight months, a year, or two years. While he was in the hospital, he wrote a message on social media which read, A big thank you to all the medical team who helped me to take me to the hospital.

Elliott Stooke Injury Video

I appreciate all the people who prayed for me to spread the message well and for me to recover from the situation. The love you showed on social media. it was incredible. thank you, guys. it means a lot. My fans are my family and I can’t see them in a bad condition. Instead, I would try to ask them what is the reason for being sad and why they can’t stand and touch the sky. You only got one chance. Make it fully.

After seeing this, many fans were surprised that they have seen everyone’s messages. Everyone from every corner of the world was giving their opinion or commenting about his recovery. Stooke was grateful for the messages that his fans would take care of him. He was a kind, sweet gentleman who never uttered words that hurt other people’s sentiments. He never did anything to anyone for his own benefit. As of now, we have only this much information, if something would came up then we definitely inform you. Till then follow this site.


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