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What Happened To Harnaaz Sandhu? Is Miss Universe Alright? Celiac Disease Condition Update News Explained!, #Happened #Harnaaz #Sandhu #Universe #Alright #Celiac #Disease #Condition #Update #News #Explained Welcome to O L A S M E D I A TV BLOG, This is what we have for you today:

As per the news Miss Universe 2021 Harnaaz Sandhu talked about her Celiac condition which she is suffering from for quite along. She told about her condition and the problem she is facing in which her body undergoes some changes whenever she changes places. Miss Universe talked that she is being allergic to gluten and how she faced changes in her body due to this. She mentioned that Noone knows about her Celiac disease in which she is not allowed to eat wheat and certain edibles. She revealed this during a conversation with ANI. Stay tuned to our website CmaTrends for more latest updates!!

What Happened To Harnaaz Sandhu?

Eventually, this condition comes up as a digestive disorder that is being caused by an abnormal immune reaction to gluten. She told that if she travels to a new place then her body faces a certain difference. She told about her incident went she went to New York, which was completly a new place for her. Just as if someone goes to Punjab or any other place then he/she will face a sudden increase in weight or may watcg diffrent changes. She mentioned that how she got trolled even though Miss Universe Platform talked about “women empowerment”

Is Miss Universe Harnaaz Sandhu Alright?

And a lot of indiviuals trolled her, but a good fact about her she does not look affected at all and not look muvh bothered. She said she focuses on her stigma and thoughts, but unfortunatly there are alot of people oyt there who trolled her knowing the fact she is Miss Universe or not. Harnaaz told for her everyone is beautiful and in today”s world what really matters is how an indiviual present themselves. External beauty is nothing and if believe she was crowned Miss Universe winnner owing to her charm and beauty.

Harnaaz Sandhu Celiac Disease Condition Update News

She said I may not be the most attractive but I am surely Confident and Strong. The celiac Disease tells us about the condition that basically this happens in genetically predisposed where the gluten directely damages the small intentine. This particular disease can develop at any age whenever an individual starts intaking medicines that contain gluten in which a person is not allowed to eat wheat. It’s an disorder which happens due to the abnormal reaction of gluten.

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