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What Happened To Hetty On ‘NCIS’? Linda Hunt’s Character Wiki Biography Update

Actor Linda Hunt

Actor Linda Hunt has not appeared in a single episode of NCIS Los Angeles Season 12. The fans of the action TV series are worried if she had left the show. The actor portrayed the character of Hetty in the show. In the entire season of the series, she did not appear once. It has sparked rumors of Linda’s exit from the show. Fans have been wondering as to what happened to the character of the actor on NCIS. Since the actress is old, some people are also worried about her health.

Undoubtedly, NCIS has been successfully running for 12 consecutive seasons and has kept the audience entertained. Linda was amongst the lead cast members of the ongoing series. She essayed the role of Henrietta “Hetty” Lange. The character is a Supervisory Special Agent and the operational manager of the entire team. Apart from this, Hetty is also a veteran undercover agent who has gained a lot of experience in this particular field. However, for several episodes now, the character has been missing.

In the entire season 12, Hetty was not featured which concerned the fans who soon started discussing it on social media. It was reported that Linda Hunt who plays the role of Hetty was not allowed to shoot because of the ongoing spread virus. However, the situation seems to be in control now but Linda has still not been seen on the screen. A recent episode made everyone think that Hetty might be leaving NCIS: LA. Yes, Kilbride (Gerald McRaney) recently said, “hetty’s not coming back” which did not sound that promising.

All season long, Hetty was shown phoning it in from a location that was not disclosed. No one seems to have any information about her whereabouts and if she is safe or not. Talking about the character of Hetty, besides having experience in the field, she is also known for being an overseas operational agent during the Cold War. When Hetty was young, she adopted plenty of orphans like Hunter and Callen.

By taking them under her wings, she molds them into undercover agents for her future operations. It is no doubt to state that her character is found intimidating by other characters. Let us add that Hetty has been in a relationship with several past agents and even features actors like George Hamilton and Frank Sinatra on the show. Stay tuned to this space to get more such updates.


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