What Happened To Jim Ladd? Is Leaving Sirius XM? Reason Explained!

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Jim Ladd fans are upset after hearing he left Sirius XM. Let’s find out the truth together. Jim Ladd is a famous American radio disc jockey, writer and producer. He came into the spotlight after hosting a famous hour-long radio show, Interview. He also participates in a radio program called Sirius XM. He also organizes musical events. But now his fans are wondering why he left the show. Thousands of searches have already been done about it and people want to know each and every detail about it. Scroll down to know more about it. Follow our website ElMundoChismosos.com for the latest updates!!!!!

Who is Jim Ladd?

He is a famous name in the world of radio, but now it seems that he may leave his business. He selects the music that he plays on his radio show called “SiriusXM Deep Tracks Freeform” across the country, transforming it into rock. Jim usually tells people to come and join him on his radio show. The way he hosts his show is amazing as most of the views on his show have a theme and also tell a story like outlaws in the Old West, pretty women, politics and fast cars.

Is Jim Ladd leaving Sirius XM?

Fans need not worry as all the rumors related to her leaving her show are completely wrong and untrue as she will not be leaving any show. From what Jim Ladd has said recently, it doesn’t look like he’s leaving the show. The radio host has not stated anything on his social media accounts related to his departure from the show. He is quite active on social media and has not made any posts about it. Instead, he used his account on Wednesday, August 17, 2022, where he asked his fans and the public to watch his show. In his Twitter bio, Jim also says that he works at Sirius XM. He has worked with the show for over a decade and has certainly impressed his audience well.

Not only this, but the radio producer also accepts appeals from the listeners’ side, which can sometimes lead to an entire ensemble. He is now in the news again but not because of his radio show or any other musical project or any kind of writing but because of his departure from the radio show. Many of his fans claim that he is planning to leave the show and in this regard, they want to know the truth and if he really leaves the show, what is the reason.

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