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What Happened To Mourad Lambrabatte? Jump Death Video Leaked On Social Media: Vacation plays a vital role in our life. It gives happiness and spread some times with our family. we go outside with family and do various types of things like adventure and many more. But for some incidents, these vacations makes our life in danger. A few days ago it was reported that a one-man had died. now we discuss what happened and who is this man is this man a famous personality or a common person. Follow More Update On CmaTrends.com

What Happened To Mourad Lambrabatte?

May 13 on Thursday, according to our sources that 31 years old  Dutchman had died in Mallorca. his name is Mourad Lambrabatte . he spurts a rock from the height of a 22-meter-high cliff inside the Margrade archipelago in Santa Ponza. He was a former Footballer. he goes on a vacation with his wife and two children for spreading some happiness movement with his family. he has a well-educated person and a Dutch Footballer.


Mourad Lambrabatte Death Jump Video

He won many tournaments for his team. he will become a famous person but due to this incident he will not. he was living in Santa Ponsam near Magaluf for 4 years with his family. he was dead on the spot. his partner recorded a video of the whole incident on their camera. After strick, his body with rock goes into the ocean. the rescue team reached there and they try to find his body in the deep water.


According to the rescue team, his body goes 15 meters beneath the ocean floor. he was not dead he try to swim to come outside the water but due to the heavy pressure of the water he will not. His recorded video went goes viral and the audience is shocked and commented on the video.


Mourad Lambrabatte Family

Moured family condition is very bad after his incident. the two little children said again and again “where is my father and when is he coming”.This movement is very fragile. Those who see her video condolence his family.


After this incident, the incident spot is restricted for tourists and they are not allowed. police are investigating the spot and they are trying to solve this case soon as soon as possible because this incident will create fear in all tourists and all over the world. this is very bad for tourism. May her soul rest in peace.

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