What Happened To Simon Cowell’s Face? Fans Concerned With His Disappearing Eyes

A well-known TV personality, Simon Cowell is best known for creating the popular reality series X Factor and Got Talent.

From 2001 to 2003, he participated in the Pop Idol Draft Series as a judge. Later, he took part in American Idol and the X Factor in the UK.

The first season of America’s Got Talent premiered in June 2006 and was executive produced by Cowell. Later, in 2015, he replaced Howard Stern on American Idol.

In April 2020, during the COVID-19 pandemic in Canada, he served as a judge on Canada’s Got Talent, a spin-off of the previous Canada’s Got Talent.

Simon Cowell

What happened to Simon Cowell’s face?

Britain’s Got Talent judge Simon Cowell has been under fire for his Botox treatment since the show’s return to television.

When he appeared on the show alongside co-judges David Williams, Amanda Holden and Alyssa Dixon, people were quick to comment on his altered appearance.

Shortly after the talent competition aired on TV, his worried followers began tweeting about how much his face had changed.

Simon Cowell “doesn’t even look like Simon Cowell anymore and looks different, but I can’t understand if he gets any work done,” wrote critics on Twitter.

“Seeing Simon on TV for the first time in 15 years,” commented one Twitter user. My fear of life hit me. I’ve been looking for reports of bears attacking the face but have come across nothing.

Simon Cowell hides eyes and facial changes before and after photos

The talent show’s director, Simon Cowell, had a complete facial makeover. He had large cheeks, a smooth forehead and a slim figure.

When people first see Cowell’s droopy eyelids, they often say it’s like something went wrong with Botox.

The TV presenter had a much wider face when he first started out in the entertainment industry, but now he has a chiseled jaw that’s completely unrecognizable.

Just over three years ago, the X Factor judge changed his unhealthy lifestyle to become a vegetarian.

Fans have been amazed to see the star’s transformation, emerging with a slimmer figure and a taut face after years of weight gain.

According to The Sun, the TV presenter claimed that his strange appearance made son Eric “hysterical” because of his over-filled face.

He also admitted that he may have overcooked the pudding by trying to stay young forever.

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America’s Got Talent judge Simon

Simon Cowell Plastic Surgery Update

According to pagesix.com, Simon Cowell admitted he stopped using Botox and fillers because they made him look “like something out of a horror movie”.

He said: “I may have gone too far for a while. I saw a picture of myself ‘before’ the other day, but I didn’t immediately recognise it as me.

He has undergone multiple surgeries and treatments over the years, including a facelift in 2018, several facials, a vegan diet and dental veneers after a horrific electric bike accident in 2020.

Cowell told The Sun that when asked about his current skincare routine, he stuck to the basics, focusing on improving his diet and drinking more water.

According to him, the only good thing about getting older is that you gain a lot of experience and know that life is about the good and bad things you do.

Simon Cowell Bio

Simon Phillip Cowell is a British television personality, businessman and record company executive (born 7 October 1959). He founded both the X Factor and Got Talent franchises that have achieved commercial success around the world. He has served as a judge on the American talent shows American Idol (2002-2010), America’s X Factor (2011-2013) and America’s Got Talent. He has also been a judge on the UK TV talent competition series Pop Idol (2001-2003), The X Factor UK (2004-2010, 2014-2018) and Britain’s Got Talent (2007-present) (2006-present). British Entertainment Syco was founded by Cowell, who is also its sole owner.


Simon Philip Cowell

October 7, 1959 (62 years old)

London, UK

  • TV personality
  • entrepreneur
  • record director
Active for several years 1980 to present
organize SECCO Entertainment
  • pop idol
  • X Factor UK
  • Britain’s Got Talent
  • American idol
  • America’s X Factor
  • America’s Got Talent
partner) Lauren Silverman
(2013-present; engaged)
children 1
relatives Nicholas Cowell (brother)
Tony Cowell (half-brother)

After some success in the UK music industry as a record producer, scout and consultant in the 1980s and 1990s, Cowell gained notoriety in 2001 as a judge on Pop Idol, a tour de force between him and its creator Simon Simon Fuller’s talent competition project has been successfully pitched to ITV entertainment director Claudia Rosengrantz. Cowell was named one of the 100 most important people in the world by Time magazine in 2004 and 2010. He was ranked sixth in the Daily Telegraph’s 2008 “100 Most Influential People in British Culture” list. In the same year, he received the National Television Awards Special Commendation Award. Cowell received the BAFTA Special Award at the 2010 British Academy Television Awards for his “outstanding contribution to the entertainment industry and promotion of emerging talent”. In 2018, he was awarded a TV star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

early life

Simon Philip Cowell was born on 7 October 1959 in Lambeth, London and grew up in Elstree, Hertfordshire. His father, Eric Selig Phillip Cowell (1918-1999), was a real estate agent, real estate developer and music industry executive. His mother, Julie Brett (née Josie Dalglish, 1925-2015) was a ballerina and socialite. Although his mother was born in Poland and came from a predominantly Jewish family, Cowell’s father avoided talking to his children about his heritage. Cowell’s mother grew up as a Christian. He also has a half-sister named Joan Cowell and three half-brothers John, Tony and Michael Cowell. His younger brother is Nicholas Cowell.

Both Cowell and his brother attended Radlett Preparatory School and private Dover College, but Cowell left after completing GCE O levels. He graduated from Windsor Technical College with a GCE in Sociology through English Language and Literature. According to his brother Tony, Cowell took odd jobs, including as a runner in Stanley Kubrick’s 1980 horror film The Shining, but he struggled with co-workers and supervisors. He didn’t begin to feel more comfortable until his father, an executive at EMI Music Publishing, was able to find him a position in the mailroom. After failing to get a promotion before returning to EMI, he gave up trying other careers.


Cowell left EMI in the early 1980s to start E&S Music with his former employer at EMI, but he left in 1983. He later founded Fanfare Records with Iain Burton, initially offering music videos from artists such as Italian band Rond Veneziano and Movement. In 1986, with Sinitta’s “So Macho”, he had his first song. 1980s hit producer Stock Aitken Waterman is partly responsible for Cowell’s early success. However, in 1989 the business failed and he was nearly bankrupt.

He then founded S Records under BMG and worked as an A&R consultant at BMG. He restarted his musical career by producing novelty records with performers such as puppet duo Zig and Zag, Power Rangers and the World Wrestling Federation. In 1995, Robson Green and Jerome Flynn, two actors of the British TV drama Soldier Soldier, were persuaded at his insistence to sign with him and record the song “Unchained Melody”. They have sung on the show before. The duo’s song, now known as Robson & Jerome, immediately topped the UK charts, where it remained for seven weeks. The song became the best-selling song of 1995, a feat achieved by their self-titled album released later that year. Before their split, they released another album, two singles, and sold a total of 7 million albums and 5 million singles. They reportedly earned him the first million of his life, according to Cowell. He later signed Five, Westlife and Teletubbies.

personal life

From 2002 to 2008, Cowell dated British TV host Terri Seymour. From 2010 to 2011, Cowell was married to makeup artist Mezhgan Hussainy. Lauren Silverman is an American woman Cowell reportedly started dating in 2013. Andrew Silverman, Cowell’s friend and Silverman’s husband, filed for a wrongful divorce in July 2013, accusing his wife of adultery and listing Cowell as a mutual partner. Respondents. News of the divorce filing came to light two weeks later, when it was widely believed that Silverman and Cowell were pregnant with a child. There are a lot of things I’ll eventually make clear in due course, but I really need to be sensitive because a lot of people’s emotions are at stake, Cowell added. In a separate statement they released, the Silvermans expressed concerns about their son’s welfare during the divorce process. The Silvermans settled out of court in August 2013, which allowed Cowell to avoid being called to testify. He later revealed that Silverman was pregnant with his child and gave birth to their son on February 14, 2014. In January 2022, the couple announced their engagement.

When David Cameron ran for Prime Minister in 2010, Cowell publicly supported him, writing in The Sun: “I think he is the Prime Minister Britain needs at this time. He has the confidence and perseverance to lead us through Times of challenges. Cowell reiterated his earlier claims against David Cameron in 2013. Although he reportedly supported the politician, he never voted in an election. In the 2016 EU referendum, opposed Brexit Brexit’s Cowell came out in support of Remain.

Cowell turned vegan in 2019 after receiving medical advice to protect his health. Cowell was valued at £385 million in 2019 and was included in the Sunday Times UK Rich List.

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