What Happened To Susan Rodriguez? Is This Story Real? Reason Explained

What happened to Susan Rodriguez?

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In this article, we will tell you about a woman whose name is Susan Rodriguez. We know that many people and our audience are new and wondering who we are talking about so she was a woman from the Canadian right to die activist in August 1991 she was diagnosed with a very rare disease and it is also known as amyotrophic lateral sclerosis of ls . According to the doctors she prescribed that she can only live for more than two or five years, so she decided that she has much less time to live in this world, she finally made the decision and took her own life. She suffered from this particular disease and she unfortunately took her own life with the help of a doctor on February 12, 1994. Follow our website ElMundoChismosos.com for the latest updates!!!!!

Who is Susan Rodriguez?

Talking about his personal life, he was born in August of the year 1950 and was born and raised in Canada when he was 43 years old. suffering for those unsuccessfully litigated by people who write to die, which is said to be suicide, she also lives in California before moving to Canada, but was born and raised with his family in Toronto. Speaking of her marital status, yes, she was a married woman and she married Henry Rodriguez, they have been together for eight years and after that, they separated, but together they raised a son.

What happened to Susan Rodriguez?

After she was diagnosed with this disease, she applied to the doctor’s people for medical help for the dying, however, there were no people or doctors to come to help her or handle her application under section 241 B, which is said to be the Criminal Court of Nations where a person helps to come to suicide but there is a prison for the person for more than 14 years and then after many attempts he thought he was going to have a legal exception of his own in the province of origin in British Columbia bird was also denied by the court. There comes a day when she decides that she is not going to live in this world so she talks about her own life by mixing a liquid that is said to be the mixture of morepjine and then he dies on the spot.

Is this Snapchat ghost story real?

However, she also requested that her ex-husband and son not be included in this particular investigation and that there were no investigative talks under them and that there were no charges brought against either person. There were a lot of rumors on social media about her and they turned into horror stories or paranormal activities and that was pretty scary for people so if we talk about the year 2020 when people were using social media a story was circulating and they were assigned some from the chores obviously we know that these kind of chores are fake but in the morning it occurred to me that if no one was going to share this post i would die so the name of the woman was susan who is saying this message and it was a curse.

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