What Happened To Sylvia Lancaster? Sophie Lancaster Mother Cause of Death How Did She Die?


A spine-chilling mishap occurred recently that claimed the life of a girl who was being said that she was just 20 years of her age at the time of her death. According to the latest reports, the girl who has been killed was identified as Sophie Lancaster. The young girl was killed in a park in Bacup. The incident later came to the attention of the law enforcement which released a piece of information claiming that it was Sophie’s boyfriend who attacked her in the park. Get more information on Sophie Lancaster’s mother named Sylvia Lancaster death.

As we mentioned above Sophie Lancaster was just 20 years old when she met her fearful death. It is being said that she was assaulted by her boyfriend who had been accompanied by a gang of adolescent guys in 2017. Her corpse was later recovered by the corpse and later they started a brief investigation on the case. Sophie was survived by her mother named Sylvia who formed Sophie Lancaster Foundation as a tribute to her daughter would. The organization has even rewarded an OBE for her campaigning activities.

Sylvia received enormous fame because of her diligence and hard work for the foundation. She helped zillions of girls and become one of the most beloved social workers. However, all of her acquaintances and close ones are aghast after learning about her death news of Sylvia. All of her friends and followers who know about her sudden demise are sinking in sorrow as there is no certain reason has disclosed so far that can be affirmed for claiming the life of Sylcia. She took her last breath in the early hours of Tuesday, 12th April 2022 due to unspecified reasons.

The lady even arrived on a renowned BBC show, it was as a BBC two drama adaption depicts the storey of Sylvia’s daughter Sophie who was killed by Herbert and Brendan Harris at Stubbylee Park. The episode was carried out by Julie Hesmondhalgh that also informed that the girl battled for a total of 13 days after she was fatally attacked.

Now, her mother named Sylvia Lancaster the mother of the popular victim Sophie and the founder of the reputed organisation passed away on Tuesday morning. At the time she breathed last she was at Royal Blackburn Hospital in Lancashire. We hope that the pure soul will find its way to heaven. Stay tuned with Social Telecast for more information and the latest updates.

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