What Happened To Zonterious Johnson? Nathan Ronan of Lawton Ok and Officer Robert Hinkle Arrested

Nathan Ronan

What Happened To Zonterious Johnson? Nathan Ronan of Lawton Ok and Officer Robert Hinkle Arrested: Crimes have been increasing day by day. It looks like cops were not doing their duty perfectly. It becomes a serious matter when crimes were increasing in one’s country. Government has to look at this situation very seriously. If not taken it very seriously then the day will not be far when a country was filled with full of criminals and there is no one who was called a citizen in the country. Recently, a case has been seen out where Nathan Michael Ronan and Robert Leslie Hinkle were arrested and both will be charged with first-degree manslaughter. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

What Happened To Zonterious Johnson?

They were both involved in a shooting. Their intention was not known yet. Cops have arrested both of them and they are investigating this case. In January 2022, Lawton City Manager terminated Ronan and Hinkle after an administrative investigation into the fatal shooting. Both were in a good position and both are job-going persons.

One of his colleagues says that they were good at working and never complained about his work. But later on, they joined the wrong kind of groups where they talk about drugs, weapons dealing, smuggling, and so on. Their mind was shifted from normal to criminal. Slowly by Slowly, a change has been seen in their behavior and they started the wrong things.

Nathan Ronan of Lawton Ok and Officer Robert Hinkle Arrested

Now they were totally different personalities and they talked about the wrong things. Nobody preferred to hang around with them. They were the only two who were close to each other. After that, they steal somebody’s money, take guns to steal the shops, and do every wrong thing that they can do in their life. But it won’t work anymore.

They have been caught on the camera and cops arrest them without even asking.  Now they are in jail and waiting for someone to bail them out. But unfortunately, no one will help them not even their families because they commit a big crime. And cops will not easily leave them until they got the clearance from the court.

Talking about his family details, so we don’t know yet. Where they live, where they have gone. We don’t have any information regarding his family. We also go to some authentic sites to get the information about his family but unfortunately, we don’t get it.

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