What Happened With Rolling Ray? Seen On Wheelchair Halt, Dead Hoax Getting Viral

Rolling Ray on wheelchair

One of the famous Internet personalities named Rolling Ray is garnering the attention of Internet users after his death rumours started surfacing on the Internet. All the fans of the rapper are extremely concerned for his health due to his long void on Social Media. Some of his fans even mentioned her family members and friend in the prayers and even paid tributes to him. As per the reports, the famous social media user was absent from all of his accounts from the first month of the ongoing year. Get more information on Rolling Ray’s current health condition.

However, the renowned rapper slammed all the death rumours after returning to social media. The rapper recently made a post wherein he is sitting in a wheelchair and smiling. Well, in another post he was flaunting his hairstyle mentioning not dead. Later, the online personality thrashed all the rumours and informed all the netizens that he is alive and kicking. He says that he got infected due to the dreaded virus in January. The 24 years old collected immense headlines with his death rumours in the past few months.

According to the latest reports, the personality returned on 5th April 2022. The reputed star took Twitter to slam all the death hoaxes circulating on the Internet and some significant social media platforms, especially on Twitter. The rapper confirmed that he is alive in a quite unique way as he was sitting in a wheelchair and shaved his head in an order that is reading ‘Not dead’. He even captions the post saying “I am not dead”. He then wrote that he wasn’t dead and the most famous and talented personality in the wheelchair is alive and along with that he is looking quite happy and content in his post.

He took Twitter to urge all the people and netizens said that he was in a coma but he further said that he is finally back and asked all the users to stop all these death rumours. He then appreciates all the people who wished him a speedy recovery. Along with that some of the users are also get tensed seeing him in a wheelchair. It is because the rapper met with an accident some days ago and due to injuries doctor suggests him use a wheelchair to move. So, it is now confirmed by Rolling that he is alive. Stay tuned with Social Telecast for more information and the latest updates.

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