What Is PORTA POTTY VIDEO DUBAI MEANING, Video Viral On Social Media, Full Scandal Link!

There are videos of women getting viral for all the wrong reasons. The viral Dubai Porta-potty video is going viral on Twitter and women are coming up with some very disgusting confessions. Women on Instagram who are been called models are seen in the viral video sitting on a porta potty completely naked and Arab men are using them as they want. The videos are getting attention and models who faced the abuse are telling their stories. These women have no talents, rather they are just having perfect bodies with fillers and silicones and have a huge fan following because of their looks. These women are making money in millions of dollars and are living a luxury life. Follow Our website TheGossipsWorld.com for the latest updates!!!!!

What Is The Meaning Of Porta Potty?

Though the way through which they earn money is disturbing. One of the top Instagram models also stated the same story and was backfired by people as they were all saying it openly and are proud of what they did. The confession was that all of the models who are imported to Dubai or Arab countries are taken on the cruise or some barren area, and they are asked to sit on a Porta-potty. They are said to be completely naked and men in groups come and pee on the girls or women. They do all the stuff which sounds disgusting and disturbing for a normal human being to do. The models are asked to satisfy the men and are then paid a huge amount of money.

Porta Potty Dubai Viral Video


According to a confession video, the lusty men satisfy themselves by doing inhuman things with the women. They apply human stool on the faces of women and also put it in their mouths. The women are splashed with human pee and are asked not to wipe their faces until the customer is satisfied. A woman was asked to sit with the waste in her mouth and was stripped completely. As per her confession, she was paid a huge amount for satisfying her customers. Some models say that they are paid around $20,000-$40,000 in one go, of they satisfy their customers.

Porta Potty Dubai Video Leaked & Viral On Twitter


Groups of such girls are taken into lavishing parties and are intended to satisfy the men. According to a model she was taken on a yacht and was poured with Jizz and pee all over her face. They then wiped her face, the process was repeated until all of the men were satisfied. People gave very brutal and honest comments on the viral videos. One of the Twitter users commented- that women are treated like shit and there is nothing as dignity left in this world. Another user commented saying- Really can’t believe women are agreeing to do such stuff, and models are doing it all for social media.

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