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What Is The Hunter Biden Scandal? Explained: On Sunday, (27th March 2022), Republican Rep. Darrell Issa of California accused Democrats and the mainstream media of involving in a “conspiracy” over the laptop of Hunter Biden in a bid to aid President Joe Biden’s winning the 2020 election. GOP lawmakers have been demanding answers after the New York Times asserted to have authenticated a hard drive purportedly belonging to the only living son of President-more than a year after the New York Post was broadly criticized for reporting on the contents of that same computer. A reputed news outlet had also authenticated the information at a time when several on the left wing were dismissing it as Russian disinformation. Follow More Update On CmaTrends.com

What Is The Hunter Biden Scandal?

The bombshell accusation of Issa comes one day after New York Representative Elise Stefanik, the no. 3 House Republicans, promised that her party “will subpoena Hunter Biden” if they triumphed back control of Congress in the month of November. Stefanik informed the Post on Saturday that “The American people completely deserve answers. There is no greater ethical concern or really conspiracy…whether this president is compromised because of his illegal ties to his family members.”

Earlier this week Issa sent preservation notices to White House assistants, many tech firms, and ex-intelligence officials in a bid to keep them from getting rid of documents and records tied to the Post’s initial Hunter Biden story from the month of October 2020. Issa stated on Fox News Sunday that “Well one of the reasons I state the preservation letters is that those notices if you then destroy proof are in fact evading Congress and suppressing proof. We have had that in the past. Obviously, we had that in the past.

Issa further added that “Of course, we had that with Hillary Clinton at her try to destroy all the proof of her illicit activities. But the other part of it is, that due to his engagement so many firms such as Facebook, Twitter, and so on, took down the New York Post, there was clearly a conspiracy to you will cover up the malfeasance of the president and his family just prior to an election that he had to win and did win.”

The hard drive was given to the outlet by Rudy Giuliani the former lawyer Trump, who obtained it from a Delaware computer repair shop where Hunter Biden allegedly dropped it off. In further addition to lewd pictures featuring s*x acts and drug use, the hard drive of the laptop also contained an accumulation of emails that detailed the efforts of Hunter Biden to leverage the connections of his father as then vice-president to bolster his foreign business dealings.

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