What Is Trevor Sinclair’s Controversial Statement About Queen’s Death?

Trevor Sinclair

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The entire world was shocked by the death of Queen Elizabeth 2, but of the many people who sent condolences and sent prayers for the late queen, one person who caught a lot of attention from netizens was former England soccer player Trevor Sinclair. , who posted a confusing message. and controversial Tweet online. While netizens were mourning the death of Her Highness Queen Elizabeth, Trevor posted a Tweet against the late queen and the entire internet went wild and mocked him for being mean. Not long after it went further, the player deleted the Tweet and netizens were even more shocked. Let us know more in detail about Trevor’s controversial Tweet. Follow our website ElMundoChismosos.com for the latest updates!!!!!

What is Trevor Sinclair’s controversial statement about Queen’s death?

After Buckingham Palace announced the news of Queen Elizabeth’s death, Trevor posted a tweet saying that during Queen Elizabeth’s reign racism was allowed and it was a thing during the ’90s and ’80s, the brown and black people should not mourn the death of queen elizabeth. As soon as netizens and Queens fans saw the post, they quickly started criticizing the player for posting such a bad comment on the internet when the queen passed away. The publication was uploaded to the Internet just after the death of Queen Elizabeth, who passed away on 8the September 2022, 96 years old.

Trevor Sinclair’s controversial tweet

Talk sports officials said they are trying to contact the former player about the comment he made about Queen’s death, but he doesn’t respond to calls at all and they haven’t been able to reach him. The tweet that Trevor deleted said that racism, which was outlawed during the ’60s, has been outlawed to thrive, so black and brown people shouldn’t cry. After sudden taunts from eth netizens, Trevor deleted the post and hours after the Tweet went viral on the internet, Trevor’s account was also unavailable, suggesting he might have deleted his Twitter account as well. And as Talk Sports suggests, he is now out of touch.

Trevor Sinclair’s controversial tweet explained

Not only netizens but also many other well-known personalities mocked Trevor for his childish and unnecessary tweet. Simon Jordan, former owner of Crustal Palace and owner of Sinclair Talk Sports, said Trevor’s Tweet was inappropriate. Sinclair, another former colleague, asked in a statement what Trevor was thinking when he posted that Tweet. Another former colleague said that he is confused to know what he felt by writing that unnecessary tweet and said it was an understatement. Many fans were also shocked to learn that Trevor wrote such things online, one of them tweeting saying that those who follow Trevor should unfollow him.

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