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What It Really Means When A Court Vacates A Criminal Conviction


As FindLaw goes on to point out, the circumstances under which a criminal conviction is set aside or overturned vary from state to state, but generally, evidence of juror misconduct in court proceedings, such as failure to disclose outside influence or bias, is in most jurisdictions. Jurisdiction is sufficient (by US law). Other examples that could lead to a criminal conviction being dropped include a breach of a plea agreement, evidence of bias in the court itself, or mistakes by the defense representing its client. In Syedโ€™s case, according to NPR, his lawyers found that key evidence was withheld.

According to ACLU, instances of defense error or other ineffective performance are the most common reasons for a conviction to be overturned, and the process of overturning a conviction usually begins with a motion filed by defense attorneys on behalf of their client union (ACLU). Itโ€™s worth noting that in some states, convictions are not completely removed from an individualโ€™s record. If successful, their records would instead show that the ruling was later overturned, reversed, or dismissed, as the ACLU continues to point out.


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