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What my Uncle ‘Mide did.




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I love my uncle ‘Mide

He has always been very supportive of me.

That one time in Junior school,

When I came home late

Because I followed Shewa

To her boyfriend’s house

My mum finished me

My dad took me to hell with his belt

Only my uncle ‘Mide understood me

And took me to his room to console me

He bought me sweets, chocolates

And my favorite drink and I slept well.

My Uncle Mide is the only one

Who understands me.

That one time in SS1

When I was caught cheating

In the exam hall

My mum gave me bruises

My dad gave me beatings that

Left scars on my fine body,

Only my Uncle ‘Mide understood

That I didn’t want to fail.

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He took me to his room

To console me, he bought me pure bliss

and life at that moment felt like pure bliss

then I fell asleep in his room.

I woke up the next morning and

My body ached, especially down there

My Uncle ‘Mide was nowhere to be found

I went to school feeling unusually down.

I met my Uncle ‘Mide home alone after school

And I opened up to him as usual

But this time he didn’t console me as usual

He felt uneasy and didn’t look me in the eye

My Uncle ‘Mide wasn’t my Uncle ‘Mide.

He was a stranger, so I left to have my bath.

My bath was refreshing and I felt clean

After the long day at school stressed me

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I walked out of the bathroom, with my

Towel tied around my developing breasts

And my Uncle ‘Mide was there, standing in

Front of me with unusually red eyes.

Uncle ‘Mide what’s wrong?

Uncle ‘Mide?

Uncle ‘Mide are you okay?

He kept mute.

He overpowered me and defiled me

It was painful, but there was no blood

It killed me to know that my own blood

Raped me, but it murdered me when I

Realized it wasn’t the first time.

I didn’t have the power to fight so I

Used the only way out, I ended my Uncle ‘Mide

With my hair scratcher stuck in my hair,

Blood, dark and red, everywhere.

I still love my Uncle ‘Mide though,

But I hope God loves him more, because

Giving him hell would be giving him mercy.

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When my mum returned, I told her what happened

But she didn’t believe me, “what demon has possessed you”

She screamed, I cried, even more, my eyes were very heavy.

You killed my brother! My father yelled,

Image result for Mide crying

With a voice so thunderous.

Then he yelled to my mum, “your daughter is a witch!”

I was a demon and a witch and I didn’t even know it.

I was a victim and a child and they didn’t even care!

“My Uncle ‘Mide” is prose written by me, I believe a lot of grades of humans can learn a lot from this that’s why I’m sharing it again.

I hope it entertains and educates all who read it.

Thank you for reading.

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