What Pat Utomi Said When He Was Told That Campaign Funds Sourced Outside Nigerian Will Be Forfeited

What Pat Utomi Said When Told Campaign Funds Made Outside Nigeria Will Be Lost BLOG OF THE MIND 50This is the latest breaking news and trending broadcast we have for you today: :

The Labor Party’s political participation chief, Professor Pat Utomi, gave an unexpected response when reminded of what Nigeria’s electoral constitution says about political parties raising their campaign funds outside the country.

Professor Pat Utomi

Pat who you talked to TV channels Through a virtual program, he stated that if the constitution cannot prevent political candidates from sharing money with delegates in foreign currency, then it should not have any legal right to interfere in the way parties obtain funds. He also mentioned that since Nigerians in the diaspora are denied the right to vote during the elections, their only way to support the elections at home will be to contribute money through portals to the parties they support.

The professor who spoke to the interviewer, Segun, was called from a public meeting in the United States where he was with Peter Obi, his party’s presidential candidate, and many others to sensitize Nigerians on the electoral front.

He argued that other African countries, including Ghana, Kenya and others, allow their citizens in the diaspora to vote, except for Nigeria, where its politicians fear that well-thinking citizens around the world will not vote for them and may influence others to vote for them. to do the same, therefore, prohibited them from participating in electoral activities.

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