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The majority of prominent artists and sports players are frequently introduced in advert campaigns, while some of them go the extra miles to create one for themselves.

Before now, most superstars use Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and so on to connect with their fans all over the world. They create special profiles, share pictures, and videos, and post about recent developments just to keep up with their lovers. Presently, top personalities have joined alliances with software developers to create software to influence their brand reputation.

The global world has recorded a boost in the creation of new apps, and celebrities do not fall behind in this category. Celebrities including the likes of Taylor Swift, Kim Kardashian, Meek Mill, Justin Bieber, and Gordon Ramsay, among others, have set a foot ahead to promote their brand through the creation of an app, while several others are already joining the trend.

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Superstars explore this mechanism to stay in touch with their loyal fans. This brilliant promotional network helps to create a link between them and their fan base and excellently revitalizes their relevance.

Some of these apps are location-based, while some users may not be able to access the full contents in them. However, a VPN allows you to bypass these restrictions without limits. VPN apps give user’s the privilege to unblock blocked contents on sites or applications. VPN is available for download on Android and iPhone devices. The steps on how to get a VPN on iPhone are as easy as clicking the embedded link which will direct you to the front page of the download page.


Celebs create different applications, ranging from entertainment to gaming applications, as well as special apps to connect with them. Below are some notable applications created and used by top celebrities.

  • Kim Kardashian: Kim Kardashian: Hollywood

Kim was one of the top celebrities that pioneered the creation of a mobile app. Kardashian: Hollywood recorded huge success in mid-2014 with over $210 million in revenue generated from sales.

Followers of the celeb can craft custom-made virtual reality graphics of a superstar with efforts to make a growth to fame. The app users can buy goods such as a building online. The app gives users an actual Hollywood experience.

An American singer and rapper Meek Mill introduced a gaming application that was inspired by his love for dirt bikes. This game allows players to go into a tournament. Competitors are to accumulate points through the collection of coins and carry out special actions in an attempt to evade the law enforcement agents. It is indeed an interesting game to play.

  • Tyler, the Creator: Golf Media

According to Tyler, the Golf Media results from his intellect merged. Coupled with other amazing features, the application houses new serials and short clips, streaming of live video, as well as other real-life scenarios of the popular artist. With a premium package at a monthly charge rate, users can access all the luxuries of the software. However, newly registered users are entitled to a free viewing option for eight weeks.

  • Gordon Ramsay: Restaurant Dash

Since the launch of Restaurant Dash in 2016, the app has recorded a massive hit which has garnered over $11 million on Apple devices. The success of this app can be linked to the superstar’s character revelation in addition to expert execution of the key phases of iOS software growth.

Taylor Swift launched a social media application named Swift life. The app allows supporters of Taylor Swift to effectively connect with the superstar as they peruse special pictures and videotapes of the star. A specialized social app such as this gives a good impression and can create an avenue where supporters cluster to interact with each other.

  • PewDiePie: Tuber Simulator

Subsequent to the massive success recorded on Kim’s “Kim Kardashian: Hollywood” gaming app, several other celebrities adopted a similar system to keep in touch with their fans all over the world. PewDiePie’s Tuber Simulator achieved a similar aim. Users can acquire numerous luxuries, such as houses, wears, machines, and fixtures.

  • Britney Spears: American Dream

Britney spears mobile game offers players the gratification of their appetite for virtual fame. While the software was created from ideas of a similar celebrity app, the collection of Britney’s songs and inspiring discussions makes it an outstanding app in the eye of his followers.

  • Tom Hanks: Typewriter App

Tom Hanks created a writing software that enables users to generate writings similar to that of an archaic typewriter. While fans of historical flair might embrace the use of this app, Tom’s name will certainly be written in bold when mentioning celebrities that have created a unique and productive application.


The trend of the creation of apps by celebrities has continued to grow. In spite of the remarkable figure of superstar applications, a few of them have received lower acceptability from users. This unfortunate scenario might pose a severe setback to celeb’s reputations.

Top stars use custom-made applications to stay in touch with their supporters. The content of such apps can greatly determine their acceptability. While some of these apps may limit access to some users, you can use a VPN service to evade such restrictions.

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