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What The Shape Of Your Nose Actually Reveal About Your Personality



They have a way of giving away our secrets without us even being aware of it. They reveal the kind of person we are, the kind of thoughts we have, our attitudes, and even the way we perceive things in life. This is also true for our facial features. So, what does the shape of your nose say about you? Let’s find out.

1. Button nose

‘As cute as a button,’ you may have heard the phrase. If you have a nose cute like a button then you have a fun and spontaneous personality which is wonderfully delightful. You are the kind of person who loves life, enjoys the little pleasures of life, and like living in the moment.

You are not the kind to remain hung over the things in the past but the kind who makes most of what they have today. You may be a little too quick to trust people who might end up hurting you, but your sweet and fun-loving personality is what makes you so incredibly loved.

2. Fleshy nose

If you have a fleshy nose, a narrow root that gradually expands into a snub end, then you are someone who is calm, composed, and a deep thinker. You are someone who cannot be swayed easily for your opinions are based on facts and deep insights.

You believe in the power of logic and you do not believe in anyone unless you have tested things yourself. You are someone who is constantly in thought over matters that normal people won’t even begin to comprehend and that is what makes your personality so complicated.

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3. Celestial nose

If your nose has a slight dent in the middle of the bridge with an upturned tip, then you have a personality that is sharp, witty, and worldly-wise. You are someone who has seen the ups and downs of life and you have learned to stand strong on your own.

While some may criticize you for being overly ambitious or unrealistic, more often than not, you prove them wrong. You are the kind of person who will make a name for themselves because you have a mind that excels and a personality that is driven. You can, if you just try, reach for the stars, your nose already indicates your destiny.

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4. Roman nose

If you have a nose with a bridge that slants sharply downwards with just a slight bend in the middle, then you are a diplomatic person by nature. You know how to create a delicate balance between two opposing factors and you are always the problem-solver in your group.

You understand the value of being tactful in your approach and you like choosing your words cautiously. While in situations that require haste, this approach might be a problem, you usually find a way to make it work in your favor.

It is your cool and careful approach that will lead to success because you know how to speak, when to speak, and how to get your own way simply by talking common sense. You are one silver-tongued person with a heart of gold.

5. Hawk nose

If your nose has a slight bend in the center with sharp edges, then you have a personality akin to a hawk. You are sharp-witted, quick, attentive, and deadly if you want to be.

You are the kind of person one should not cross swords with because you know how to hit where it hurts. While some may think you have a strong personality, these are usually the people who can’t handle your sharp wit.

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You can be a deadly machine if you want to be but the fact that you know how to tame your strengths makes you even more incredible than anyone would ever know.

6. Big nose

If you have a nose with wide tips and large nostrils then you are someone with a personality that is larger then life. You are a warm-hearted person with compassion and kindness in your heart and you are someone who knows what it means to feel hurt.

You know how to be gentle, a good friend, and a great partner simply because you know the value of humanity. But the most important aspect of your personality is your willingness to love despite what the world throws at you. You love deeply because that’s who you are.