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In this article today we are going to focus on a very old event which happened on November 3974 where a girl is explaining the situation she faced including her parents it was a great evening and her parent’s name John and Barbara Stonehouse are very happy because they were going to celebrate the 26 wedding anniversary. That day was very special for all the family members and they went to their favorite restaurant situated in London. Both the parents were very happy and were going to celebrate their anniversary. Before their anniversary a few days back John called her wife from the USA and told her that he won’t be taking it anymore in a tense voice. But Barbara was not able to understand what his husband trying to say then after some time she realize that he is talking and that he is not going to take his life anymore. Follow Our website TheGossipsWorld.com for the latest updates!!!!!

Barbara Stonehouse Death Reason

Her mother was very upset and despite the fact that it might be their last anniversary, they are celebrating together with their family. That was the last time we celebrated their anniversary together on 13 November 1974 after this his father was under great stress and then the whole situation came up with many allocations were put on him for being a Spy defector and it was a moment of stress and it will also affect in the whole career after that he missed his position in the cabinet seat which was going to hold for the government Wilson during the parliament. The problems didn’t stop there they face a lot of problem-related with the fund and it has been a moment of stress when he lost around $ 600,000. All the people were blaming her father for this fraud and his life has filled with problems and he could not digest this.

Barbara Stonehouse: Wikipedia & Biography

He was also going against his business to export the when and then he was also were in because he has no money left and also he was dating and having affair with his secretary Sheila Buckley. So he has started his affair when he was living in the USA and the girl was 28 years younger than him however the problems were not stopped there and he was in great stress and pain due to all the miss happening that was happening in his life so he started in taking of drugs and he became so addicted that he started keeping them in mandrake bottle.

Barbara Stonehouse: Funeral & Obituary

This particular drug is for the people who are suffering from anxiety and are not able to sleep on time and it leads to many issues related to mental health. He started taking those drugs for 2 years and then there is no going back also people didn’t know that he became so addicted to drugs and now doctors can’t help him but they still took him to a doctor who was a family friend for the prescription and for the consulting. He started taking many drugs and which causes depression insomnia anxiety and many more problems and it also increases the level of suicide.

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