What Was His Cause Of Death Reason?

Javier Imbroda, national basketball coach, has sadly passed away. The Spanish coach breathed his last on Saturday, April 2, 2022. He was 61 at the time of his death. Following the announcement of the news, the European basketball world was saddened. People who knew him and had worked with him are expressing their sadness. Tributary posts and condolences messages have flooded social media as everyone is paying the legendary coach sincere tributes. After his sudden death on Saturday afternoon, the basketball community has fallen into profound grief. Here is everything we know about his death.

Apart from paying Javier Imbroda heartfelt tributes, people are also searching for his cause of death. Everyone wants to know what happened to him that led to his unfortunate demise. As per reports, Javier was battling cancer for quite some time and was getting treated at a reputed hospital too. Despite being given the best possible treatment, the head coach could not survive and succumbed to the dreaded disease. Multiple Spanish outlets have confirmed the death cause of Javier.

How Did Javier Imbroda Die?

Reportedly, Javier was battling prostate cancer since 2016. Recently, the Spanish coach had stated that he no longer think in years, but in weeks. It is also reported that Javier Imborda had tested positive for the novel virus too that had deteriorated his health. However, the coach recovered from the virus, but he could not defeat cancer. Javier had shared that everyone around him started talking about survival, new techniques, delaying what seems inevitable, and new drugs making you feel like a defenseless patient, unaware of the time you have left.

Despite these emotions, Javier did not give up his will to live and tried living a positive life. Talking about Javier Imbroda, he was a successful head coach at the club and international level. In recent years, he had been serving as the Minister of Education of the Andalusian Government. During his coaching career, he assisted Lithuanian coach Vladas Garastas during the 1992 Olympic Games.

Lithuania finished third and won bronze medals in their first major international tournament after regaining independence, thanks to superstar Arvydas Sabonis. He then became the Spain selector after moving to Spain and winning a silver medal with head coach Lolo Sainz in the 1999 EuroBasket. The Spanish League announced on Sunday that a moment of silence will be held in all ACB games. Fans and well-wishers of Javier have gotten saddened to learn about his untimely demise and have been extending condolences to his family.

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