Whats happened to Al roker Deborah Roberts? ‘Today’ Fans Show Up 

On March 21, an ABC News reporter posted a heartwarming photo of the Today Show’s weatherman with their youngest child. In the photo, Al and Nick are sitting side by side in their house. Both father and son smiled at the camera. “My boys! #blessed,” Deborah captioned the sweet family photo.

Shortly after, Coach TODAY posted a photo of himself with Nick on his Instagram. “When did this guy get so big? Handsome? Ridiculous? Friendly? Smart?” he wrote alongside.

After seeing Al share a heartfelt message, Deborah stopped to kindly answer his rhetorical question about Nick. “He always has been. Unless he grows up!” she commented.

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The sweet exchange between the parents warmed the hearts of fans, including meteorologist Holly Strano. “Great family! It’s over,” she wrote. Others also don’t get enough warm family moments. “Great parents – lots of love and care and good role models,” one wrote. “He has all of them because he has fantastic parents,” another added. “Time flies. They grow up so fast. Enjoy the little things and moments,” said another fan.

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While Al doesn’t post as many family photos as Deborah, he never misses an opportunity to share how proud he is of their 19-year-old son. Most recently, in December, Al and Deborah proudly announced that Nick had been accepted to the university. “I got accepted. I’m not even kidding,” the college student said in an Instagram video. “I am excited!”

Soon after, Deborah tried to “hold back her tears” while revealing “good news” to The View. “As many of you know, we’ve been traveling with our son Nick, who has dealt with learning and developmental disabilities throughout his life,” she said on the show. “But he’s accomplished a lot…he’s just been accepted to college.”

While Nick hasn’t revealed which school he’ll be attending in the fall — he’s received two college offers — it’s clear that, in the meantime, Deborah and Al are enjoying every moment with him. As the 26-year-old couple prepare to become empty nesters (they’ve already sent their daughter Leila Ruth to college!), fans are definitely on their way.

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