Whats happened to Benjamin Hall? is dedad or still alive? health update today

Fox News reporter Benjamin Hall said he felt lucky to be alive after being endangered by a car on fire while covering the war in Ukraine.

Benjamin just posted a health update from his hospital bed and said he had lost half of his leg and a foot on the other. He also said one hand was undergoing surgical repair, one eye was not working and his hearing was “very bad”.

As we reported… Last month, Benjamin was traveling in Ukraine with veteran Fox News photographer Pierre Zakrzewski and Ukrainian reporter Oleksandra Kurshynova when their vehicle caught fire in the small town of Holenka outside Kyiv.

Pierre and Oleksandra were killed in the attack, while Benjamin was hospitalized with serious injuries.

Benjamin said that despite losing all his limbs, he felt “fortunate to be here – the people who brought me here are amazing!”

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Fox News photographer PIERRE ZAKRZEWSKI funeral in Ireland

“I have to pay tribute to my unsuccessful colleagues Pierre and Sasha that day. Pierre and I traveled the world together, work was his joy, his joy was contagious. Rest in peace,” Hall wrote, sharing a photo Pierre’s photo and a live video tribute to Sasha.

Kuvshinova, 24, works as a consultant. She helps staff navigate Kyiv and the surrounding area, gather information and talk to sources.

Zakrzewski, a Fox News legend who covered almost all international news for a long time, was only 55 years old. Last year, he played a key role in getting Afghan freelancers and their families out of the country after the US pulled out. In December, Zakrzewski was honored with the Unsung Hero Award at the FOX News Media Spotlight Awards.

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