What’s Spa Water TikTok Trend

TikTok is all about new trends that often reveal new products or products that end up going viral, and this time, the viral product was Spa Water. make hot spring water, Douyin lovers Mix cucumber chunks and fruit with some water, lime juice, and sugar.

Despite its popularity, the water-based drink has also drawn attention as it was found to be controversial.

The Latino community on TikTok is calling on people from all over the world to steal the drink, a Mexican drink called Agua Fresca. The Mexican community on TikTok is outraged that influencers are not giving the drink and its origins due credit. What is the hot spring water controversy?

After the popular TikTok’s pink sauce, another pink item has fallen into the hot soup.

Spa Water was brought to the platform by influencer Gracie Norton, who says it is said to have many benefits, such as moisturizing and anti-inflammatory properties. As mentioned, this drink is not Gracie’s invention, it’s actually a Mexican drink that means cold water in Spanish.

Unsurprisingly, Latinos on TikTok accuse people from all over the world of refurbishing and gentrification of Mexican Agua Fresca. One user tweeted frustration over the TikTok version of the drink, saying:

In the video, the user can also be heard saying:

Also, many Latinos are making videos calling for people to make videos about this water-based drink. They expressed the frustration of the aforementioned users, asking people to give credit to the Latin community when using something popular in Latin culture.

Gracie deleted her video due to all the controversy surrounding the drink. However, that’s not all. Her account was also banned from TikTok due to all the backlash.

However, Gracie apologized on Instagram. she says:

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